October 19, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 21

Stories from the October 19, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Veteran film director visits students

Film director John Waters spoke freely with GW students Wednesday night about some of the factors that influence his eccentric movies. He said his influences include Wicked Witch of the West, murder trials and the youth of America. Students from “Silver Screen,” a Community Living and Learning program for freshmen interested in films and acting, […]

Era of marches over?

Era of marches over?Ian Zeitzer On Monday, Oct. 16 I decided to stake claim in the future of America and head down to the National Mall to participate in the Million Family March. Although fully aware that semi-affluent Jewish college students were not necessarily the audience the Nation of Islam intended to host, I never […]

Living with the opposite sex and surviving

When the rent is due, the phone is tied up, the dishes are dirty and the toilet seat is up, the realities of living with a roommate become evident. And when roommates are of opposite sexes, sharing an off-campus apartment can make or break the friendship or intimate relationship. Junior Ben Getto said he learned […]

Forum shows campus tension over conflict in Israel

Tensions sparked at an International Affairs Society forum on the crisis in the Middle East Tuesday night, as students argued back and forth about violence affecting the region. The forum reflected the discord among some Muslim and Jewish students on campus that has developed in the weeks following the outbreak of violence in the Middle […]

Gore plan offers solutions for young and old

Gore plan offers solutions for young and old John Dunn Few issues impact everyone’s life the way healthcare does. Senior citizens worry about paying for prescription drugs. Parents worry about their children’s care. In every community an HMO has denied someone coverage. Vice President Al Gore offers a clear plan that increases the availability of […]

Groups follow campaigns

GW politicos hit the road last weekend to advocate their parties’ platforms and boost support for candidates in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. Thirty-seven members of GW Students for Nader joined 15,000 Green Party supporters in Madison Square Garden in New York Oct. 13 for a rally headlined by several celebrities and Ralph Nader. The […]

Texas record shows Bush backs patients

The latest attacks by Al Gore on Governor George W. Bush’s healthcare plans are wrong, and students should know the truth about Bush’s healthcare proposals. On the issue of Medicare, Bush’s plan is to provide total coverage for all low-income seniors. Under the current Medicare program, many seniors have to choose between eating and prescriptions, […]

Spike Lee talks about his new joint Bamboozled with The Hatchet

If nothing else, Spike Lee is a prodigious filmmaker, releasing at least one or two movies each year. His summer offering, Kings of Comedy, was a script-free filming of four popular black comedians’ standup performances. With his latest film, Bamboozled, Lee has switched from immortalizing one facet of black comedy to harshly criticizing another – […]

Missouri governor, GW alumnus dies

Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan died Monday night in a plane crash near Hillsboro, Mo., 25 miles southwest of St. Louis. Carnahan graduated from GW in 1954 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business communications, said Robert Moll, director of communications at the School of Business and Public Management. The governor’s wife, Jean Carnahan, was […]