October 19, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 21

Stories from the October 19, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Program unites students from same home states

The Ambassador Program, which links freshmen with upperclassmen from their home state, has doubled its membership in its second year at GW. The number of ambassadors in the program has jumped from 100 to more than 200 this year, said Raina Lenney, retention assistant of Academic Planning and Assessment. The University also extended the program […]

Mentors question terms

Students participating in the Academic Mentor program said they were misled about the terms of their positions in the program’s first year of expansion to all first-year residence halls. The program places sophomores in freshmen residence halls to help new students with their academics. Several of the nine mentors said they thought they would receive […]

SA losing its way?

A lengthy tenure as an official of the Student Association is not a common phenomenon. Last week SA President David Burt fired Dining Services Commission Director Christian Berle last week, and SA Vice President for Public Affairs Liz Cox quit over frustrations with internal nit-picking. With this latest round of SA departures, students must question […]

Marching madness

Gathering in public places to defend a position or oppose a policy is an American tradition enshrined in the Bill of Rights. But these assemblies lose their meaning when the public is over-saturated with unfocused marches, walks and rallies. Monday’s Million Family March is the most recent example of events in the name of activism […]

Teaching peace

Imagine an Israeli boy sitting at a computer in a classroom with other students. There are two teachers in the room and the student is sending another e-mail before class is over. It does not sound like anything earth shattering. But in this case it is. One of the teachers in the class is Israeli, […]

Preempting prejudice

The letter titled Race wild card by Eric Marlow (Oct. 10) shows that there is still a lot of ignorance in the world. Apparently he missed my point about the importance of acknowledging ethnic and racial differences in America. Although vaguely stated, Marlow suggests that there isn’t a big difference between Arabs, Pakistanis and Indians. […]

Veteran film director visits students

Film director John Waters spoke freely with GW students Wednesday night about some of the factors that influence his eccentric movies. He said his influences include Wicked Witch of the West, murder trials and the youth of America. Students from “Silver Screen,” a Community Living and Learning program for freshmen interested in films and acting, […]

Era of marches over?

Era of marches over?Ian Zeitzer On Monday, Oct. 16 I decided to stake claim in the future of America and head down to the National Mall to participate in the Million Family March. Although fully aware that semi-affluent Jewish college students were not necessarily the audience the Nation of Islam intended to host, I never […]

Living with the opposite sex and surviving

When the rent is due, the phone is tied up, the dishes are dirty and the toilet seat is up, the realities of living with a roommate become evident. And when roommates are of opposite sexes, sharing an off-campus apartment can make or break the friendship or intimate relationship. Junior Ben Getto said he learned […]

Forum shows campus tension over conflict in Israel

Tensions sparked at an International Affairs Society forum on the crisis in the Middle East Tuesday night, as students argued back and forth about violence affecting the region. The forum reflected the discord among some Muslim and Jewish students on campus that has developed in the weeks following the outbreak of violence in the Middle […]