October 5, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 17

Stories from the October 5, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff editorial – Speed up the system

Long lines mean long waits, and nowhere on campus is this statement more true than at J Street, GW’s main eatery. University Dining Services administrators insist that changes are being made to improve students’ experience at J Street. Those changes, if any were made, have been largely ineffectual. Lines still stretch into walk areas. Wait […]

Lefty puts music back in its right mind

In today’s world of prefabricated pop and generic rock it is difficult to find a band whose sound is truly original. Though it has been buried in recent years, a strong rock scene still exists in the shadows of popular music. Lefty, a group of California rockers who play the 9:30 Club tonight, hopes to […]

Human rights reality

In his Forum piece Sept. 28 (Best option to protect students’ rights,), Adam Kinsinger asserted that the Office of Planning, the (Advisory Neighborhood Commission) and some members of the City Council want to alter the D.C. Human Rights Act, and make it legal to discriminate against students. Adam’s boss, Assistant Vice President for Government Relations […]

ANC promise keeper

Two years ago, I pledged to bring the University and community closer together and to fight for students’ rights. I am happy to report I have delivered on both. I strongly supported the construction of a new GW Hospital. I supported the new SMPA building. I have always said the University should improve and expand […]

DeNiro, Stiller team up in Meet the Parents

2.5 Hatchets Be honest. Who thought they’d ever hear Robert DeNiro say, I’ve got nipples, Greg. Why don’t you milk me? The once mighty and powerful Raging Bull has thrown his hat into the comedy ring, and he’s not half bad. DeNiro takes on his third major comedic performance in the screwball, slapstick farce Meet […]

Forum: New pill increases options for women

The recent approval of the RU-486, or morning-after pill, has George W. Bush and the rest of the anti-abortion camp in a frenzy. The Federal Drug Administration has finally allowed women access to a healthy, effective, safe, non-surgical means to make decisions about their bodies. The anti-choice Bush campaign cannot understand why the FDA would […]

Classifieds (10/5)

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Forum: Drug will have little affect on abortion

Last week, the FDA approved the controversial abortion drug RU-486 for use in the United States. Presidential candidate Al Gore has spoken positively of the drug, making it appear as though the approval of the drug is a victory for women. However, this issue is more political than Mr. Gore may lead you to believe. […]

‘Crossfire’ ignites students

CNN’s Crossfire brought the heat of what pundit Bill Press described as possibly the most exciting heavyweight match since Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear to the GW campus Monday, as CNN began a week of live broadcasts on the 2000 campaign from Lisner Auditorium. Show hosts Robert Novak, Mary Matalin and Press discussed […]