October 5, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 17

Stories from the October 5, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Alcohol answer

With regard to Ms. Vania Smith’s Oct. 2 opinion piece, Hall staff won’t wait for a disaster, I would like to express my concern that the article was weighted in rhetoric and light on reason. Although space prevents me from refuting all of her misconceptions en toto, I will attempt to address the most glaring […]

Freaky to Fashionable

Piercings. Whether on the face, ears, stomach, nose or just about anywhere else, body piercing has become very fashionable. The trend, once deemed as freaky by society, has become mainstream among younger generations and GW students. Sophomore Jeff Nestler had his ear lobe, upper ear cartilage and tongue pierced, all on a whim last year. […]

Disaster averted?

I write in response to Silvana Del Carpio’s letter titled Residents neglected (Oct. 2), which concerned her Munson Hall room’s water pipe break. Without a doubt, this is an unfortunate situation and I in no way want to diminish what happened. However, I think we would all agree that what she endured is an unforeseen […]

Absentee advising at Columbian School

Students sometimes realize the importance of academic advising only when their academic plans take a turn for the worst. Just ask fifth-year GW student Emily Baier. Baier plans to graduate this spring with a degree in American Studies. Her professors assign about 600 pages of reading each week as she is tries to cram two […]

Staff editorial – MVC: Changing campus

University officials recently began talking of major changes to Mount Vernon that could radically alter what, for 122 years, has been an independent women’s campus. Administrators are considering housing men at Mount Vernon and making the University Honors Program a bigger presence at the campus. The question facing administrators and students is to what extent […]

Steel Magnolias creates poetry out of everyday life

An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure, declares Clairee, one of the regulars at Truvy’s hair salon. Steel Magnolias, the latest production of GW’s Theater and Dance Department, lives by this motto, shucking any notions of grand theatre and focusing upon the simplicity of everyday life. What is left is average people […]

Staff editorial – Speed up the system

Long lines mean long waits, and nowhere on campus is this statement more true than at J Street, GW’s main eatery. University Dining Services administrators insist that changes are being made to improve students’ experience at J Street. Those changes, if any were made, have been largely ineffectual. Lines still stretch into walk areas. Wait […]

Lefty puts music back in its right mind

In today’s world of prefabricated pop and generic rock it is difficult to find a band whose sound is truly original. Though it has been buried in recent years, a strong rock scene still exists in the shadows of popular music. Lefty, a group of California rockers who play the 9:30 Club tonight, hopes to […]

Human rights reality

In his Forum piece Sept. 28 (Best option to protect students’ rights,), Adam Kinsinger asserted that the Office of Planning, the (Advisory Neighborhood Commission) and some members of the City Council want to alter the D.C. Human Rights Act, and make it legal to discriminate against students. Adam’s boss, Assistant Vice President for Government Relations […]