September 28, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 15

Stories from the September 28, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Nader deserves debate snub

Most of us would agree that a viable third party candidate for president would be good for the political process. Ralph Nader is not this candidate. In the Sept. 18 issue of The Hatchet, Michael Sieburg wrote an editorial in favor of Ralph Nader’s inclusion in the October presidential debates. Nader should not be included. […]

Stars visit D.C. to Remember the Titans

Bright spot lights. Red Carpet. Fabulously dressed celebrities. Paparazzi. It was a sight common to Hollywood, but this was Connecticut Avenue. Actors, film executives and former football players gathered at the Cineplex Odeon near Cleveland Park, for the premiere of Remember the Titans (Disney). The big names from Hollywood were even paid a surprise visit […]

Forum: Plan ignores academics, community

What has our University become? Four years ago I came to GW with a promise of unparalleled opportunities. The phrase Something Happens Here not only referred to a student’s campus prospects but the use of the entire District as its extended classroom. At the time, we were the largest and brightest class to ever enter […]

Classifieds (9/28)

Classified Ads ANNOUNCEMENTS HOUSING Sublets FOR SALE Furniture General SERVICES Health Travel Tutoring General OPPORTUNITIES Donors General EMPLOYMENT Full Time Internships, Paid On Campus Part Time

Forum: Best option to protect students’ rights

GW’s history as a commuter school has left the endowment weak relative to Harvard and other such schools. As a result, the University’s ability to strengthen academics, build more residence halls and create a world-class institution is dependent on only two things: student tuition and investment properties. If the BZA imposes a cap on University […]

Political groups face off

The leaders of the GW College Republicans and GW College Democrats squared off live on WRGW radio Tuesday evening to inform students about the platforms of presidential candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush. CD President Anjan Choudhury and CR Chairman Bill Eldridge debated issues from defense to education for more than an hour in […]

Containing conflict

One of the clearest arguments in for favor of intervention was spoken nearly sixty years ago by a Haitian diplomat at the League of Nations in 1935. He said, All nations of the world, big or small, weak or mighty, we must act now or one day we will be somebody’s Ethiopia. Very simply it […]

Fashion faux pas or sartorial elegance?

I know you’re out there you ultra-liberal fashion critics. I hear your comments on how snobby GW has become, and what a shame it is. But let’s get serious; there’s more to campus style than dark jeans and a matching jean jacket with a Harve Chapelier sac or a Prada bag. As one of the […]

Great coverage

Thank you for your wonderfully written article on DC Reads in the Sept 14 issue (p. 6). The positive reaction generated by the article can only help our cause. Recognition of our work encourages the tutors who are already in the program, students interested in the program and the people who are supporting our program […]

Burt should back off PB

Perhaps there is no Student Association issue that affects more students than the allocation of student group funds. While I congratulate SA President David Burt for getting more funds from the University, I am disheartened to see that he has decided to hoard all the money rather than giving it to the people who deserve […]