September 28, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 15

Stories from the September 28, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Freshman hit crossing street

A car struck freshman Claire Fidelman as she crossed 20th Street at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. She was picked up by an ambulance and treated at Georgetown Hospital for treatment of bruises and lacerations and returned home the same night. I was crossing the street and I looked right and left, she said. When I […]

Could a long distance relationship work for you?

Dean Martin once sang, absence makes the heart grow fonder. But songwriter Badabing Badaboom writes, absence makes the heart go wander. So which one is it? Relationships are a part of everyday life and take a lot of effort to maintain. Some people choose to pursue long-distance relationships, which tend to be more difficult to […]

Company offers students venture capital

Veteran internet entrepreneurs gave area college students advice about starting their own companies Tuesday night, as students presented their ideas to various venture capital firms. StartEmUp, an internet company that helps new businesses get money, held its first of four conferences, called Majoring in the New Economy, a forum in which students and businesspeople can […]

District license plates get a face-lift

Tons of tea was thrown into Boston Harbor to protest it. The Declaration of Independence was written to challenge it. The Revolutionary War was fought because of it, and now D.C. drivers join the cause of Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams: to raise public awareness about and bring an end to taxation without representation. Four […]

Hillel offers students free trip to Israel

GW Hillel, a center for Jewish student activities, is offering 60 students an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel in January. Birthright Israel 2000, a partnership among the Israeli government, private philanthropists and Jewish federations, will fund the trip. Sponsors have given these three Birthright partners about $210 million to send young Jews to Israel over the […]

The Hatchet interviews Get Up Kids’ lead singer

It is hard to label many modern music groups with a particular style because they blend musical styles to form their own unique sound. There are rap-metal groups, pop-punk groups and a host of other genres out there. With all these blended sounds, bands can often form outfits having many different stylistic influences and tastes. […]

Grants boost GW research

Spending on research at GW has jumped 48 percent in five years, with $67.3 million spent in fiscal year 1999 alone, according to University data. GW has also received more money in grants from federal agencies, private foundations and businesses that it did in recent years. The University raised $46.7 million from federal resources during […]

The Mehran is the real deal for Arab food

Originally Published 09/28/00 3.5/5 hatchets The smell of a charcoal grill with smoke wafting over your head. The din of heated conversations. A brightly-lit room with a few tables and a variety of languages. A second floor that advertises itself as space for praying. When you step into Mehran, you are greeted with an atmosphere […]

Nader deserves debate snub

Most of us would agree that a viable third party candidate for president would be good for the political process. Ralph Nader is not this candidate. In the Sept. 18 issue of The Hatchet, Michael Sieburg wrote an editorial in favor of Ralph Nader’s inclusion in the October presidential debates. Nader should not be included. […]

Stars visit D.C. to Remember the Titans

Bright spot lights. Red Carpet. Fabulously dressed celebrities. Paparazzi. It was a sight common to Hollywood, but this was Connecticut Avenue. Actors, film executives and former football players gathered at the Cineplex Odeon near Cleveland Park, for the premiere of Remember the Titans (Disney). The big names from Hollywood were even paid a surprise visit […]