September 21, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 13

Stories from the September 21, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW opts for The Washington Post

The GWKNOWS program, which was started last year to provide GW students with free newspapers in residence halls, has replaced The Wall Street Journal with The Washington Post. Students get the USA Today and The New York Times in addition to The Post. Some students said GW made the right decision in replacing a newspaper […]

Taking the Bait

There is a cycle occurring among some young, black male actors. They begin in a comedic series on television, then move up to some mediocre action film, in which they play the hero while still making the wise cracks that made them famous in the first place. After that they graduate, hopefully, to more serious […]

Group deters radio station in Citigroup nomination

GW students active in the Rainforest Action Network witnessed a small success for their campaign against Citigroup Tuesday, when executive members of the Pacifica Network radio station withdrew their nomination of the bank’s vice president, Francesco Ricciolo, to its executive board. Activists said they oppose the bank because Citigroup supports projects around the country and […]

The Bar Guys: The Brickskeller Restaurant and Down Home Saloon

The Three Wise Men decided they wanted to travel the world on Saturday night. Since none of us could afford airfare to Munich, we headed off to the Brickskeller. With beers from more than 50 countries on the menu, drinking like world travelers was all the Wise Men could do. A small group of friends […]

Residence halls choose leaders

Residence Hall Association elections were held Monday and Tuesday to hall councils. Residence hall councils include a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and two RHA representatives. Thurston Hall has three RHA representatives, and residence halls on the Mount Vernon campus have one RHA representative each. A run-off election was needed to decide The Schenley’s president. Me […]

Hear ye, hear ye

Beams of sun fought to break through the autumn leaves on a crisp Saturday morning as a portly King Henry VIII and his queen, Katherine of Aragon, stood at the entrance of Revel Grove. With a flourish and a little pomp and circumstance, the King’s Court shouts, make way for the King! Trumpets sound. Flags […]

Staff editorial: Funding fight

America’s founders realized whoever holds the purse strings holds the power, which is why revenue bills originate in the elected House of Representatives. Student Association President David Burt and Program Board Executive Chair Seth Weinert realize this, too. In fact, their organizations are battling over the revenue from students’ University fees even as student organizations […]

Forum: Officials over-enforce alcohol policy

I am a freshman living in the Hall on Virginia Avenue who has been written up twice for alcohol possession. My friends and I have been persecuted and harassed as if we are living in a prison – a prison called HOVA. But we shouldn’t be pointing fingers at the people who run our dorm, […]