September 7, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 9

Stories from the September 7, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Rainforest group fights corporation

The Rainforest Action Network, a group dedicated to fighting corporate interests detrimental to the environment and human rights, is rallying support at GW. Founded in 1985, the California-based organization recently turned its attention to Citigroup, the amalgamation of Citibank and Salomon, Smith, Barney, now North America’s largest financial institution. RAN members said Citibank funds environmentally […]

GW officials share science of J Street service

GW Dining Services has come under scrutiny lately as students adjusting to new schedules brave long lines for sandwiches and coffee. Although J Street officials said they continue to evaluate GW’s food service, some food service professionals said there is more that can be done to maximize efficiency and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Several professionals in […]

Transfer students search for housing

Although most transfer students were offered on campus housing this year, some that did not said they are having a hard time finding a place to stay. Sara McPherson, a sophomore transfer student, said she has to stay with a family friend in Maryland until she can find an apartment closer to campus. McPherson, who […]

Staff editorial: Secrecy as policy

Does GW’s administration have something to hide? In light of the lack of interaction between students and administrators, this is a valid question. Some administrators are reclusive and secretive, sending the wrong message to students. University administrators too often treat students as the enemy, a waste of time, a nuisance. Every GW student deserves access […]

Staff editorial: Security snafu

The Gelman Library is locked down – students who forget their GWorld cards are denied access to the library. Security is a valid concern for the library, but reasonable solutions – rather than a strict crackdown – must be instituted for dealing with students without a GWorld card. Gelman employees are beginning to resemble the […]

Survey Says … Technology Use is Up

Internet access has spread to a quarter of the U.S. population seven times faster than electricity did and five times faster than the telephone did, according to the most recent Digital Decade Survey conducted by technology retailer Best Buy. The survey reveals how technology use among college students has changed in the past ten years. […]


Responsible reporting I must say Four freshmen hospitalized in alcohol incidents serves as a very effective headline (Aug. 31, p. 7). However, as one of the four taken to the hospital, I am outraged on how contradictory The GW Hatchet can be. I understand that The Hatchet aims to provide GW students with news pertinent […]

Getting to know yourself through Kokology

You’re having a party. The guests are all there and everybody is just hanging out, but not much is going on. You’ve gone through all the drinking games, and sure those were fun, but now what do you do? Well, leave it to Japan, the nation that brought us Karaoke and the virtual pet, to […]

Forum: Lessons in leadership

Last week when working with a group of students in the Emerging Leaders Program, I posed them a challenge: Define leadership. The first words out of their mouths were the names of presidents, prime ministers, professors and patriots. I said, Wait, hold on a minute, and reminded them that the words leadership and leader are […]

Forum: Leading from the top

Believe me when I tell you that running for president of the Student Association is no easy task. You need to block and place posters on noticeable walls of the various campus buildings; you have to give speeches at least twice a night; and of course, you have to beg all of your friends to […]