August 28, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 6

Stories from the August 28, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW students adjust to new e-mail setup

System administrators and users are adjusting to the changes to GW’s new e-mail system, GWMail, which was installed earlier this month. The new setup, implemented August 14, requires all students, faculty and staff to change the way they access their e-mail accounts. The new system required that new passwords be created to replace old ones, […]

GW signs Coke as campus drink

The University’s choice of a new generation is in, and Coca-Cola is the selection. University officials recently signed a five-year contract with the Maryland-based bottling company that will replace Pepsi as the official soft drink of GW. The agreement ends a seven-year partnership with Pepsi. So out goes Pepsi, 7-UP, and Mountain Dew and in […]


Blasting bigotryWe here at Women’s Studies were appalled by Russ Rizzo’s JewishAmerican Princess piece in the Orientation Guide (What your CI leaders don’t want you to know, June 12). To distribute to all incoming students a gratuitous slam against Jewish women at GW is unbelievable in these times – and at a school known for […]

Gore highlights tax cuts at College Park

Presidential candidate Al Gore reinforced his education platform Thursday, calling for a substantial college tuition tax credit and a specialized interest-free savings account for life-long training. Speaking before a rally of more than 1,000 people at the University of Maryland at College Park, Gore outlined his plan estimated to provide nearly $55 billion in targeted […]

Staff editorial — Overstuffed U.

Students occupy rooms in the State Plaza Hotel and Thurston Hall study lounges because the GW simply does not have adequate space to sustain its growth – a deplorable and unacceptable situation. Sixty freshmen have been placed in State Plaza rooms, and many more students are living in common areas in Thurston Hall. The University […]

Veteran reporter joins SMPA staff

Former White House news correspondent Helen Thomas will join the School of Media and Public Affairs September as a Shapiro Fellow. I’m looking forward to meeting students, she said. Designed to bring professionals to the school, the Shapiro Fellowship is funded by the J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Charitable Trust. My goal is to fire […]

Staff editorial — Proper appropriations

SA President David Burt and Executive Vice President Cathy Ressler should be commended for acquiring more than $57,000 in additional monies intended for distribution to student groups. The Student Association finally has the resources it needs to fund the more than 200 student organizations that request more money every year. The University charges every student […]

Freshmen begin season with sense of great loss

The GW community and volleyball team remain shocked and deeply saddened by the death of friend and coach Yvette Moorehead. The news has been equally painful for the volleyball team’s six newcomers. Sitting outside the Smith Center Saturday, they said they’ve looked to one another for comfort and support. We spend all of our off-days […]

Toasting the class of 2004

Last February a 20-year-old D.C. area university student died in an alcohol-related incident. His passing heightened awareness among Washington’s college students of the tragic effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Last year more than half of all GW disciplinary cases were related to alcohol abuse. On one occasion, federal agents were compelled to enter Thurston Hall […]

Memories of Yvette Moorehead

I remember her in practice when we played against each other and the other team called a time out. My team was doing really well and she didn’t even get up out of the chair. She told us: I’ve got nothing to say to you. Go and talk to each other or do something. And […]