July 10, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 5

Stories from the July 10, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staf editorial — Dangerous Secrecy

The University failed to meet the standard of openness and honesty expected of an institution of higher learning by deciding not to disclose the outcome of Atilla Cosby’s Student Judicial Services hearing. If SJS found Cosby guilty of any infractions stemming from the May 15 incident, students deserve to know. Likewise, if SJS found that […]

What exactly does GW’s president do?

The student, an undergraduate, had a problem. She was getting ready to enroll in GW’s upcoming semester, but had no place to live for a couple of days before the semester actually began. So my wife and I invited her to stay with our family, and over dinner on the first evening of her visit […]

Sometimes when you lose, you `Twin’

One might think blowing an 8-3 lead in the final inning of a semifinal baseball game is rather heartbreaking. Well, you’re right, it’s downright painful. You see, after three wondrous months of coaching the Minnesota Twins in the local Babe Ruth little league with my great friends Tom Vecchio and Jason Coburn, losing for the […]

There’s room in X-Men to mutate into a better movie

Born with a unique genetic mutation, mutants like the X-men hold extraordinary powers. Mutants are not born with these powers. They are discovered during their adolescence, leaving teenagers confused and yearning for a normal life. People in society fear and avoid mutants because they believe their powers can be potentially dangerous. At times, some mutants […]