April 24, 2000

Volume 96, Issue 59

Stories from the April 24, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff Editorial — A father’s right

This weekend saw the beginning of the end of the Elian Gonzalez saga, as Immigration and Naturalization Service agents took the child early Saturday morning from the Miami home of his relatives and reunited him with his father. For five months, the world has been obsessed with a six-year-old boy and the implications of turning […]

DC Diary: Prowling with a bargain hunter

April 18, 2000Filene’s Basement1133 Connecticut Ave.3:25 p.m. When I was a child, I used to always love when my mother told me it was time to save some money. I’m not a miserly soul, it’s just with my mom and me, saving money meant we either were going to make our rounds at the mall […]

Staff Editorial — Enough talk

It is surprising that GW is still struggling to devise a formal policy on sexual harassment since it has been an issue in the news for years. This week, as the Faculty Senate tried to solidify its proposal to the administration, it lost its quorum and will have to wait for the next Faculty Senate […]

A question of representation

What does it feel like to be a second-class citizen? Ask this question to D.C. residents, and you’ll get some weird looks. But District citizens are still one group of American citizens that have no voting representation in Congress. The District has one non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives. The delegate cannot vote on […]

Microsoft: consummate competitor

Microsoft Corporation is probably one of the most successful American businesses. Products, such as Windows, that MS made helped bring about today’s computer age. No other products combine the number of features, low cost and ease of use such as Microsoft products do. There was no reason to bring Microsoft to trial. The trial (spectacle) […]

Classifieds (4/24)

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Security surveys

On Thursday, April 20, The Hatchet published an article entitled SA targets security in residence halls. As a member of the Residence Hall Association, this article bothered me. At the beginning of the year, RHA Vice President Noel Frame asked if anyone would like to help out with her committee on security. I decided to […]

Faculty Senate fails to vote on policy

The Faculty Senate failed to make a recommendation to the University on changes to its interim sexual harassment policy in the Senate’s final meeting of the year Friday. The group voted on all but four of the proposed amendments to a resolution on the University’s interim sexual harassment policy but lost its quorum in the […]

Colonial Century: The Greatest Suits of the Century

What is a suit exactly? Would Axtell vs. Penders count? No, but that’s close. The suits are the coaches, the athletic directors, the alumni that have made the GW athletic program that it is. Here, we present the top three coaches of the century, plus some honorable mentions (and a few athletic directors for good […]

Problems in college sports put spotlight on NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has been called many things. Recently critics nationwide have added one more NCAA label to the list – lame duck. Officials of collegiate basketball across the country say they are unhappy with the way the NCAA has been treating coaches and players. Some question investigations conducted by the NCAA into […]