April 13, 2000

Volume 96, Issue 56

Stories from the April 13, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Information about the World Bank, IMF and WTO

World Bank – Established 1944 – 181 member countries – Consists of five governing bodies 1. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) Provides loans for developmental assistance to middle-income countries 2. International Development Association (IDA) Focuses assistance on poorest countriesProvides interest-free loans and other services 3. International Finance Corporation (IFC) Promotes growth in the […]

Educated resistance — staff editorial

With the drama of a nationally organized protest movement unfolding in their neighborhood, GW students – and their behavior – find themselves in the spotlight. This notoriety, however, brings with it certain responsibilities, including promoting issue-oriented education among demonstrators, while refraining from violence. The ultimate goal of the protests is to change the practices of […]

Lesson from Yale

I read with some disappointment that GW would close its doors to protesters arriving in Washington for the A-16 demonstrations this coming weekend. While I understand the desire to maintain order, order is rarely maintained by imposing draconian rules to limit people’s freedom. Would GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg prefer that protesters sleep in their […]

Good Knight? — staff editorial

Recently, new information has come to light regarding the serious allegations brought against Indiana University basketball head coach Bobby Knight – allegations that, if true, warrant Knight’s termination. Neil Reed, a former IU player, charged that Knight choked him in a practice three years ago. The CNN/Sports Illustrated network aired videotape of the incident that, […]

Bad policy

GW’s lockdown policy is a bit extreme. Isn’t the University supposed to be the mouthpiece of expression and a haven for those that have the courage to express their ideas? GW will never garner the reputation that its administration so desperately grasps for if it refuses to support a forum for discussion of real meaningful […]

Act unfairly punishes drug users

For the first time this year, students across the country applying for financial aid were asked whether they had been convicted of a drug crime. Those who answered yes are now denied or delayed federal financial aid because of the Higher Education Act of 1998 (HEA) drug provision. On July 1, 2000, the HEA drug […]

Quote of the Week

Freshman Loren Chachkes said online degrees are a good idea because they offer the opportunity for everyone with a computer to get an education, but said would never take an online course. “Online education is like online sex,” Chachkes said. “You do not get the full experience. With no interaction between students and professors these […]

No. 23 men’s crew sweeps weekend

The 13th annual GW Invitational, scheduled for Saturday on the Potomac, was canceled Wednesday because of concerns that protests this weekend in Foggy Bottom would disrupt the annual event. The Invitational is the largest collegiate rowing competition in D.C. GW women’s crew head coach Steve Peterson said that three factors weighed into the decision: first, […]

Upcoming games

Thursday: Tennis at A-10 Championship Friday: Tennis at A-10 ChampionshipGolf at A-10 Championship Saturday: Baseball vs. Dayton (DH)-12 p.m. Tennis at A-10 ChampionshipGolf at A-10 ChampionshipXCountry at Mt. St. Mary’s Invitational Sunday: Baseball vs. Dayton-12 p.m. Tennis at A-10 ChampionshipGolf at A-10 Championship