February 28, 2000

Volume 96, Issue 46

Stories from the February 28, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Students tell story of Indian holiday Holi with twists and twirls

Students adorned in silks and traditional Indian garb filled the Lisner Auditorium stage with motion and color at the Indian Student Association’s Holi Rangeela 2000 Saturday night. Indian students from GW, the University of Maryland and George Mason University sang and danced to a medley of traditional and modern music in celebration of Holi, the […]

D.C. Diary: Powerful poetry

Feb. 24, 2000 Hillel 8 p.m. I attended my first poetry reading Thursday night. It wasn’t in some tiny bookstore deep in the heart of Soho. It wasn’t with a bunch of people dressed all in black, sitting in big comfortable loveseats, sipping cappuccinos. It wasn’t a bunch of people contemplating the meaning of life […]

Fight intolerance with inclusiveness

It looks like Brother Steven got just what he wanted this past week: attention, controversy, crowds and a front-page photo in Thursday’s Hatchet. I’d guess that his whole reason for being at GW is to get people fired up (one way or the other) and to call attention to himself. Brother Steven is not a […]

SA candidates are removed from ballot

Student Association presidential candidate Atif Qarni and executive vice presidential candidate Heather Fink were removed from the ballot Friday after a background check revealed they are not eligible candidates, SA Election Committee Chair Jeff Baxter said. The candidates were removed because they do not meet SA constitutional requirements to run for office, Baxter said. Candidates […]

$135,000 for a basketball game?

I believe the views expressed in Zack Beyer’s commentary (Dislike GW? Do something about it) appearing in the Feb. 17 Hatchet requires a response. The views expressed by Beyer display a particular ignorance that is both rare to behold and a pleasure to address. Certainly, it appears that if Beyer has learned nothing else from […]

Brother Stephen for page two columnist

My time as your columnist is almost up. According to the calendar, I’ve only got four or five of these things left. Two of those might actually be good. The editorial staff of The Hatchet usually looks far and wide before giving the page two column to someone’s friend, but I think this year the […]

Study says students lack skills for college

GW students avoided a nationwide trend of entering college with substandard math and writing skills, University officials said. Nearly 75 percent of college professors feel students have deficient skills in mathematics and English, according to Reality Check, an annual study released in January. Public Agenda, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization in New York, surveyed 251 […]

Silent alcohol deaths

(U-WIRE) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – It is a universally acknowledged truth – college students drink. Too much. It’s no wonder, then, that U.S. colleges spend an enormous amount of time each year on alcohol awareness programs. Yet, when it comes to alcohol-related tragedies, some officials clearly would rather the public – even the students – remain […]

Voss for EVP – staff editorial

The campaign for Student Association executive vice president features a pair of capable SA insiders and two fiery outsiders. While the field is stacked with considerable talent, Chris Voss distances himself from the group as the candidate most fit for EVP. Under his leadership, Voss envisions a more inclusive SA in which senators actively seek […]

Friends maintain loyalty through PB campaign

When Seth Weinert runs into Ian Zeitzer, he greets him with hey sunshine – his normal way of saying hello to his friends. But for Weinert, Zeitzer is not just any old acquaintance. The two Program Board executive chair candidates, who met at Fall Fest their freshman year, say they have been building a strong […]