February 10, 2000

Volume 96, Issue 41

Stories from the February 10, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Fans make GW hoops

My husband and I would like to compliment David Holt on his article on the Xavier game Saturday. We live near Harrisburg, Pa., and have followed the team since our son was a freshman seven years ago. We had season tickets until this year and decided that the traveling was getting a bit much, especially […]

SJS charges Pakistani group

Student Judicial Services investigated and charged the Pakistani Students Association Monday, two weeks after an unregistered off-campus party was held following Pakfest Millennium. Martin Hicks, coordinator of SJS, said the organization was sent written notice Feb. 7 that it had been charged with failing to register and seek approval for an alcohol-related function, as well […]

A nightmare reviewed — Staff Editorial

Illinois Gov. George Ryan showed uncommon political courage when he issued a moratorium on the death penalty in his state because of its horrendous record of wrongfully imposing capital punishment. Since 1977, when the death penalty was reinstated in Illinois, 12 people have been executed, while 13 others have been exonerated. The faults lie among […]

Africana exhibit debuts at Gelman Library

Among scores of books, articles, photographs and memorabilia is a history of a 400-year-old struggle and a foundation for future leaders in Africana Women at the Dawn of the New Millennium: The Exhibit at Gelman Library. The collection of artifacts and literature highlight the importance of contributions made by famous and lesser-known Africana women from […]

Westward ho! — staff editorial

GW’s purchase of about a quarter of the Columbia Plaza apartment complex, while a compromise with Foggy Bottom residents, entails extra responsibility on the University’s part to its students. For some Foggy Bottom residents who have voiced opposition to GW’s expansion into the neighborhood, the University’s acquisition of Columbia Plaza strikes a balance between the […]

A very un-Pak Pakfest

What is Pakistani culture?, ex-president Reza Cheema rhetorically asked The GW Hatchet readership last issue (Pakistani students’ after-party ends in violence, Feb. 7). Perhaps we can define the ambiguous term culture by what it is not: Pakistan is not India. Pakistan was and is not about dances, song or clothing, but religion. Alcohol is not […]

Cultural distinctions

This letter is in reference to Monday’s stories (GW party poses problems, GW student leaders debate monitoring of member events, p. 1) regarding the Pakistani Students Association party. It is sad to see that some of the PSA members themselves need lessons in the differences between Pakistani and Indian cultures. The fact of the matter […]

The GW men’s water polo records during Flipse’s playing and coaching days

Player1984-’85: 6-121985-’86: 13-121986-’87: 17-141987-’88: 15-9-1 Coach1988-’89: 15-9-1Mid-Atlantic Conference Coach of the YearChampions of the Mid-Atlantic Conference Atlantic Division 1989-’90: 6-13 (5-9 Mid-Atlantic) 1990-’91: 16-7 (6-2, first in Mid-Atlantic)Mid-Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year 1991-’92: 16-7 (8-0, first in Mid-Atlantic)Mid-Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year

Quote of the Week

Jon Stewart had some comments on what parents think when their children have left the roost: I think as you get older, you cherish the moments when there are not children around. You never realize it, but your parents are dirty, filthy people just like you are, and people like to show that side of […]