January 27, 2000

Volume 96, Issue 37

Stories from the January 27, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Fire sparks concern over GW hall safety

University officials say GW is compliant with D.C. fire codes and regulations, after last week’s tragic residence-hall fire, which claimed the lives of three students and injured 63 at Seton Hall University. GW plans to review fire safety procedures with students and staff, according to a University press release. GW parents contacted University offices for […]

Fireworks fee remains unpaid

Former Student Association members returned fireworks they ordered while still part of the SA, but cancellation fees remain unpaid, a Zambelli Fireworks Internationale official said. George Zambelli, the president of Zambelli Internationale, said he mistakenly told former SA President Phil Meisner and current Joint Committee of Faculty and Students Co-Chair Cat Sadler that they would […]

Politicos pump up for U.S. primaries

The GW College Democrats and College Republicans will have representatives in New Hampshire this week to support their respective U.S. presidential campaigns. The two groups will provide buses to New Hampshire, which is considered one of the most important states in the presidential primary process. Bus trips remain an important part of the work being […]

Hurricane’s message

Denzel Washington’s incredible portrayal of Rubin Hurricane Carter has been the talk of movie reviewers everywhere. While Washington’s performance is absolutely amazing, The Hurricane packs a much bigger punch. This true story of a young black boxer who is framed for murder should do more than just evoke a few tears from its audience – […]

What does it take?

It seems it took a state of emergency for GW to finally realize that classes should be canceled on days that we have inclement weather. Most of us will probably have forgotten last week’s 3-5 inch snowfall by now, but I still remember thinking about whether the unknown road conditions were worth braving in order […]

Changing the face of fraternity life

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity says its members are on a journey of brotherhood. The national organization quotes famous men and anonymous sources who say things like wise is the person who fortifies his life with friendship. Sigma Phi Epsilon is one of five fraternities to join GW’s community in the last six years. Its […]

Tragic lessons — staff editorial

The fire that killed three students and injured 63 others in a Seton Hall University dormitory Jan. 19 may seem like a distant tragedy, but the lessons from the terrible episode should reverberate through Foggy Bottom. When a fire alarm sounds, GW students must follow proper procedure. Given the possible consequences of ignoring a fire […]

Game sales pass go, SA collects cash

Students who walked through the Marvin Center this week might have seen a small booth on the main floor, adjacent to the information desk, selling the new game on campus known as GWopoly. While it is inspired by the popular best-selling game Monopoly, GWopoly has its own unique qualities reflecting GW’s campus. The Student Activities […]

Through sleet and snow — staff editorial

During a two-day stretch when the University was shut down because of a paralyzing snowstorm, GW managed to have a good time and feed its students – two essentials of college life. While the majority of students stayed indoors, the Hippodrome offered free bowling and hot chocolate for students stricken by cabin fever. On the […]

Students seek balance and friends in fraternity

Freshman Anthony Balistrieri rushed into the Hippodrome after an invigorating game of snow football with his newest friends – his fraternity brothers. At first Balistrieri quietly sat next to his brothers and attentively listened to them reveal the nuances of brotherhood and the rewards of community service. Balistrieri is the president of GW’s newest fraternity, […]