November 22, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 32

Stories from the November 22, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Students unite to celebrate Thanksgiving

Students of all races, cultural backgrounds and religions united for dinner and dancing at the Thanksgiving Gala Friday night at the J.W. Marriott, a hotel in Northwest D.C. The event, sponsored by the Program Board, the International Student Organization, the International Student Society and the Student Activities Center, was the culmination of Religion Week. It’s […]

University charges SMPA students for new facility

GW students with majors in the School of Media and Public Affairs will be charged a $2,000 fee next academic year to help cover enormous construction costs of the new SMPA building, University officials said. SMPA students, who are journalism, electronic media and political communication majors, will help carry the cost of the new building, […]

Convocation could use a little 007

Last Tuesday you may recall there were no classes from noon to 3 p.m. I’m sure all of you, being good little GW students, took the opportunity to make the most of your time. Whether you were sleeping in, watching soaps or chatting girls up on the Burger King line you did mom and dad’s […]

GW considers fraternity housing

University officials failed to tell GW fraternity homeowners of their ideas about redeveloping the Greek-letter property before issuing the most recent draft of the campus plan to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission Wednesday. Jeremy Rohen, House Corporation president for Delta Tau Delta, said a Nov. 18 article about the ANC’s meeting to review the campus plan […]

Article confuses Texas government

First, I would like to admit that I am the chairman of the College Republicans at the University of Texas at Austin. I am slightly biased toward Republicans and more specifically, Texas Republicans. However, I would like to respond to the environmental record of my home state, not my governor (Bush’s poor environmental record, Nov. […]

Colleges seek minorities to add diversity

When freshman Sean Jamison was applying to schools, GW was the last place he thought he would spend his college years. He was recruited by top-tier schools on the East coast, was offered free trips to university campuses and was being treated like a king – just about everywhere but here. The only reason I […]

Major fees — staff editorial

GW plans to charge students in the School of Media and Public Affairs $2,000 to help cover the costs of the new state-of-the-art SMPA building, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2000. With the high price of tuition, GW students should expect adequate classroom space and quality facilities. Charging an extra fee […]

Computer viruses infect GW

Computer viruses are becoming a more frequent problem for GW students, afflicting more computers than ever and constantly changing form, a University official said. More than 16,000 different variations of computer viruses lurk in cyberspace, according to Despite the growing number of different viruses, students are not powerless, said Alexa Kim, director of Student […]

Entitling whom? — staff editorial

Title IX, the federal guidelines created in 1972 to foster greater gender equity in college athletics, has been good and bad for many financially strapped colleges. While significantly more women have been participating in varsity sports as a result of Title IX, some critics claim that the regulations have had a harmful effect on men’s […]

Local universities protest Philip Morrisfrom different angle

Students from GW and the University of Maryland chapters of Free the Planet met Sunday to begin a global bumper sticker campaign against the makers of Kraft Foods, a division of Philip Morris. The Philip Morris Corporation is the world’s leading producer of tobacco products and the second-largest manufacturer of foods, according to Global Aggressions, […]