November 15, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 30

Stories from the November 15, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Vocals sing the demise Breakbeat Era’s album

Few styles of techno received as much attention or gained as much popularity as jungle, or drum and bass. Characterized by incredibly fast breakbeats and a darker, more urban sound, drum and bass started in the clubs and slowly filtered into the mainstream. The style finally broke through with the release of Roni Size’s New […]

Leaders of Chinese movement visit GW

Organizers of the Free China Movement talked to GW students and members of GW’s Students for a Free Tibet Wednesday about the possibility of democratic reform in China. Shenge Lian, the executive director of the Free China Movement and an exiled dissident from China, spoke about his experiences in China. Ten years ago I stood […]

The Messenger transforms legendary tale into mockery

There are a few definitions in popular culture of a sell-out. One definition refers to an artist producing a work purely for the sake of financial rewards. In The Messenger: The Story Joan of Arc (Columbia Pictures), the term sell-out definitely can be applied. The creative team behind the film, including director Luc Besson, has […]

GW law students argue in courtroom competition

GW Law School students argued constitutional issues at a court competition Saturday, which narrowed the field of teams to four semifinalists. To participate in the annual Van Vleck Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition, students prepare a 15-page written brief to support their arguments and present a 20-minute oral argument to three judges. Students are divided […]

D.C. Diary: Rock On!

November 12, 1999Arlington Hilton6:35 p.m. The growing sport of mountain climbing may seem extreme to the average person, but to the 5,500 members of the American Alpine Club, it is a way of life. Movies such as Everest and K2 personify their weekend adventures, not just special-effects attractions. This weekend, climbers young and old traveled […]

News Briefs

Latinos consider stereotypes Several Latino groups held a discussion about the social and cultural stereotypes associated with Latinos Wednesday night in the Marvin Center. Sandra Gutierrez, president of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad, and the main organizer of the event, said one of the purposes of the discussion was to promote interaction and bonding within GW’s Latino […]

Escape internship hell

Monica Lewinsky may have made internships infamous, but there is no denying that these quasi-jobs in some of the most powerful business and government offices remain the sacred cow of college students looking to get a leg-up on the job competition and a glimpse into the future. A good internship experience can be worth its […]

SA’s new mission: Student advocacy

Eight months ago, I was elected executive vice president of the GW Student Association. I wanted to serve the students, and I wanted to serve the students as executive vice president. However, one of the duties of the executive vice president is to become president if the president is unable to fulfill his or her […]

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Rough lessons — staff editorial

Following a massive melee in the bleachers at a high school football game in Decatur, Ill., six students were expelled for two years from school because of the well-intentioned, but harmful, zero-tolerance policy on fighting in the school district. The controversial expulsions rightfully brought the absurdity of zero-tolerance fighting policies to light. At the urging […]