November 15, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 30

Stories from the November 15, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Women’s soccer coach quits

GW women’s soccer coach Michele Rodriguez-Smith resigned from her position Friday after compiling a 14-25-1 record over two seasons at GW. After four seasons as a GW assistant coach, Rodriguez-Smith was named interim head coach before the 1998 season. In her first season, Rodriguez-Smith’s team opened 0-6, but then reeled off a school-record eight straight […]

Credit card offers still allowed at GW

GW has not banned credit card companies from soliciting on campus, despite other local colleges prohibiting credit card vendors. GW has policies to control their activity, said Mike Gargano, assistant vice president of Student Academic and Support Services. Hundreds of colleges already banned credit card companies from soliciting on their campuses, including Georgetown University, the […]

Sports Brief

Ultimate Frisbee goes 3-1 The Hungry Hungry Hippos competed Wednesday in Annapolis, Md., at the Fall League Championships, with the A team finishing fifth. GW defeated Towson University 13-5, James Madison University 13-12, Bucknell University 15-7 and lost to eventual champion University of Delaware 13-10. -David Holt

Why GW students obtained their first credit card:*

Build credit history: 62% More convenient than cash: 43%Wanted more purchasing power: 36%Easy to obtain: 24%Fill gap between financial aid and cost of education: 24%Need for living expenses: 21%Free promotional gift: 18%Friends have credit cards: 4% *these numbers are approximate – taken from a report by Cheryl Beil, director of Academic Planning and Assessment

Tribe Called Quest’s album tracks evolution of hip-hop

Hip-hop, in 1988, was a young experiment with obnoxious beats, gold chains and macho posturing. By the end of 1998, the frontiers of abstract, that only jazz had been able to tap into, had been explored by a party of cosmonaut emcees called A Tribe Called Quest. Born in the basements of Brooklyn and dedicated […]

Panel discusses Sudanese slaves

The GW student groups drew people to an event focusing on the plight of those held in bondage in Sudan with the question Own A Slave? plastered on posters across campus. Hundreds of thousands of non-Islamic people in the African nation have been captured, tortured and sold into slavery by Islamic nationalists, said panelists in […]

Vocals sing the demise Breakbeat Era’s album

Few styles of techno received as much attention or gained as much popularity as jungle, or drum and bass. Characterized by incredibly fast breakbeats and a darker, more urban sound, drum and bass started in the clubs and slowly filtered into the mainstream. The style finally broke through with the release of Roni Size’s New […]

Leaders of Chinese movement visit GW

Organizers of the Free China Movement talked to GW students and members of GW’s Students for a Free Tibet Wednesday about the possibility of democratic reform in China. Shenge Lian, the executive director of the Free China Movement and an exiled dissident from China, spoke about his experiences in China. Ten years ago I stood […]

The Messenger transforms legendary tale into mockery

There are a few definitions in popular culture of a sell-out. One definition refers to an artist producing a work purely for the sake of financial rewards. In The Messenger: The Story Joan of Arc (Columbia Pictures), the term sell-out definitely can be applied. The creative team behind the film, including director Luc Besson, has […]