November 1, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 26

Stories from the November 1, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW needs to upgrade facilities

GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg visited my residence hall, Lafayette Hall, last Tuesday night as part of the Presidential Sleepover. During question and answer time, I asked why I have a class in the Thurston Hall Piano Lounge. He tried explaining to me that an English class being taught there is not a bad idea. […]

311 returns to its roots – blending rock, reggae, rap

Before Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit started selling millions of albums by rapping over alternative music, 311 had been doing the same thing for years. And after what many might call a hiatus on its last effort, Transistor, 311 returned with a more solid performance on Soundsystem (Capricorn). Perhaps the most prolific alternative band of […]

SA Senate impeaches Meisner on eight counts

The Student Association Senate impeached President Phil Meisner Friday evening after 16 members of the Senate signed a petition that called for his removal. The eight articles of impeachment provide sufficient grounds to initiate proceedings to remove Meisner from his position, according to the petition. Articles of removal charge that Meisner failed to follow SA […]

Playing politics — staff editorial

The Student Association impeached President Phil Meisner Friday in an attempt to remove him from office for eight offenses. The senators who signed the articles said Meisner has been negligent of his duties by not attending meetings, not signing bills and not taking proper care for the finances of student groups. There is no denying […]

Widespread Panic puts twist of country on latest album

Diversity classifies today’s music industry. It comes through in its popular music, with different hybrids and styles being revived and explored to the fullest. So some might be taken back by the idea of a straight-up, traditional rock album, but on the latest effort by Widespread Panic, `Til the Medicine Takes (Capricorn), being traditional is […]

Students, residents clean up Foggy Bottom

GW students and Foggy Bottom residents gathered Saturday morning to clean up their neighborhood amid criticism that students are problematic neighbors. The Foggy Bottom Cleanup, sponsored by the Student Association, began in the Marvin Center Ballroom with a free breakfast for speakers and 85 volunteers. GW sophomore Eddie Rodriguez spoke about the benefits of joining […]

Haunted halls — staff editorial

Students in two GW residence halls opened their doors this weekend to kids from the District, providing a safe environment for young trick-or-treaters. A Crawford Hall event Friday brought together 30 kids from the Northwest Settlement House, a local day-care center. More than 30 GW students got the chance to pass out candy and bond […]

Odd sound classifies Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci

You can tell a lot about a band from its name. But what do you make of a band with the name Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci (pronounced Monkey)? Listen to the group’s new album Spanish Dance Troupe (Mantra), and you will find out that the band is as creative and quirky as its name implies. First […]

Drugs: Facts and figures

MARIJUANA: Genus and species name: Cannabis Sativa History: 1850-1875: Cannabis first brought to Jamaica from India. Used in U.S. primarily for medicinal purposes. 1900-1925: Marijuana smoking by Mexican laborers in towns along Mexican border begins. Quickly spreads along Gulf Coast. 1914-1931: 29 states, most west of Mississippi River prohibit the non-medical use of marijuana. 1915: […]

Debating the great issues of the day

I must commend The GW Hatchet. Not only is that the one line in this column that won’t be edited beyond all recognition, it’s also true. When I open The Hatchet these days, I get exposed to all kinds of exciting ideas: the ups and downs of sweatshops, the changes in gender roles, and, most […]