October 21, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 23

Stories from the October 21, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Senator addresses campaign finance

Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) spoke to the GW College Republicans Wednesday night about how he made decisions about the most recent and controversial bills in the Senate. He said that the campaign finance reform bill, filibustered by the Senate Monday, was created more for publicity purposes than for the good of the country. This was […]

Legendary musicians bring Cuban sounds to Lisner Auditorium

The heat of Havana will consume GW when legendary Cuban musicians Ibrah?m Ferrer and Rub?n Gonz?lez join forces for a night of fiery rhythms and passionate ballads at Lisner Auditorium Wednesday. Gonz?lez at age 80 and Ferrer at age 72 still know how to intoxicate crowds with their classic style. Orquesta Ibrah?m Ferrer and Rub?n […]

Community cooperation

The recent hearing before the D.C. City Council on GW’s request to issue Industrial Revenue Bonds brought out the best in cooperation between the GW administration, the student body and Foggy Bottom residents. Not only was there an overwhelming display of support from community leaders, but student leaders eloquently expressed their interest in improving campus […]

Disabled students praise University for services

Disabled GW students shared personal experiences and described the obstacles they faced in other countries during a panel discussion Tuesday in the Marvin Center, a part of Disability Awareness Week. Rachel Dubin, a graduate student from the Elliott School of International Affairs who works in the International Services Offices, organized the panel, which included students […]

Hackneyed jokes, dumb ideas plague Sandler’s latest album

Adam Sandler has lost his creativity and originality in his latest endeavor. Stan and Judy’s Kid (Warner Bros.) lacks the inspiration on which previous Sandler albums and movies have thrived. The best song on the album is a continuation of an old Sandler song. “Chanukah Song Part II” gains a few laughs but is nothing […]

Irresponsible `new isolationism’ — staff editorial

The United States Senate’s 51-48 defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty – a pact that would ban all nuclear testing worldwide – strikes a painful blow to America’s global reputation and reeks of partisan politics. The world’s most powerful nation should set the example – albeit largely symbolic – that nuclear proliferation should not […]

Cell phones irk students, faculty

Pay phones have become obsolete on GW’s campus. Why bother carrying the 35 cents to make a phone call when you can carry a cellular phone and ditch the change? However, pay phones or the 35 cents needed to use them never interrupted a class. I think it’s incredibly disruptive when cell phones ring in […]

Jazz professor hits high note on tour

You’ve probably never heard of a Hammond organ, but audiences in Japan are crazy about the instrument, which incorporates both hands and feet to weave a unique sound. “It’s the kind of (sound) that was popular in the ’60s but is now having a resurgence,” said Peter Fraize, coordinator of jazz studies for the GW […]

Protesters respond

I read The Hatchet’s Oct. 7 editorial, “Gaining No Ground,” (p. 4) and much of it made a great deal of sense. But your readers need to know several facts: 1. The 65-foot loading dock is planned for 24th Street, not New Hampshire Avenue. If it were to be located on New Hampshire, at least […]

Stand against sweatshops — staff editorial

The Progressive Student Union is taking important steps to make sure that none of GW’s licensed apparel is produced in sweatshops in the United States or abroad. College campuses across the country have been on the forefront of the war against sweatshops. Students of GW’s cross-town neighbor, Georgetown University, have held sit-ins in their president’s […]