October 21, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 23

Stories from the October 21, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Stand against sweatshops — staff editorial

The Progressive Student Union is taking important steps to make sure that none of GW’s licensed apparel is produced in sweatshops in the United States or abroad. College campuses across the country have been on the forefront of the war against sweatshops. Students of GW’s cross-town neighbor, Georgetown University, have held sit-ins in their president’s […]

Immortal Beauty

October 16, 1999Rock Creek Cemetery,br>1:45 p.m. Ninety-three years ago, maverick author and Washington social observer Henry Adams sat in his apartment at the corner of 16th and H streets, sighed and took up his pen. To a friend whose wife had recently died, he composed the following lines: “Twenty years ago when I went though […]

Cell phone hang-ups — staff editorial

The sound of ringing cellular phones is becoming annoyingly commonplace in GW classrooms and traditionally quiet areas. Cell phones have gained enormous popularity during the past few years. Many GW students have rung into the trend and routinely tote their cell phones around campus. If used respectfully, cell phones pose no problem. Too often owners […]

Community disunion

The acquisition of new property may be important for the future of GW, though many would debate even that. The University administration has snatched up many buildings in the Foggy Bottom area and has plans to obtain more. However, the problem arises with Foggy Bottom residents. Bernard Demczuk, assistant vice president for Government Relations, would […]

Civil (affirmative) action

October 19, 1999Corcoran Hall 9 p.m. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s boxing match. Let me introduce, to my left, College Republicans Sam McCree and Richard Nephew. To my right, College Democrats David Burt and John Dunn. Now boxers let me remind you, no hitting below the belt: we want this to be a fair […]

Cracks in the system — staff editorial

These days, walking across campus has turned into quite an ordeal. With torn-up sidewalks in many parts of Foggy Bottom, streets have been made narrower, posing safety risks for pedestrians and motorists. The root of the problem is that the city is fixing many of the neighborhood’s sidewalks at the same time. City authorities should […]

Risky business

Mentioning heart disease usually conjures up images of older people, not young adults. But teenagers and people in their early 20s may also be at risk for heart disease, according to statistics and research from the American Heart Association. By altering unhealthy behaviors early young people may be able to cut their chances of facing […]

GW splits another pair over weekend

The GW women’s volleyball team split its weekend matches at the Smith Center as it lost a climactic five-game match to Massachusetts but swept its contest with Rhode Island. GW displayed a strong offense led by senior Gabriela Mojska and junior Julie Jahnke. The Colonial women (10-7, 5-4 Atlantic 10) host Fordham Friday. GW 3, […]

ANC rejects Mount Vernon plan

The Palisades-Wesley Heights Advisory Neighborhood Commission encouraged the District’s Board of Zoning Adjustment to disapprove Mount Vernon campus’s 10-year plan in a unanimous vote Tuesday. (Mount Vernon administrators) haven’t done what we’ve asked them to do, ANC Commissioner Ann Heuer said. Heuer said the ANC had a list of 18 items it wanted changed on […]