October 7, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 19

Stories from the October 7, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

SJT misrepresented

In his letter to The Hatchet last week, second-year law student Michael Zolandz claims to be kidding us not when he misquotes what President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said in an interview with Bob Levey of The Washington Post. I quote directly from the interview, available for fact checking at www.washingtonpost.com: “Levey Live.” A recent GW […]

FBA protests new hospital

GW broke ground in a ceremony Wednesday at the site of the soon-to-be-built GW Hospital, much to the dismay of some Foggy Bottom residents who protested the groundbreaking. The new $96 million facility, funded by the partnership between Universal Health Services, Inc., and GW, will be the District’s first new hospital in 20 years. The […]

CRs alienate diverse GW community

This past weekend the GW College Republicans attended a function that could serve to alienate themselves from the rest of the GW community. They showed their support for Republican candidates by attending a convention for one of the most extreme and bigoted organizations in America. The Christian Coalition celebrated its 10th year at its convention […]

Speaker enlightens HOVA about scandals

Daniel Ellsberg, who played a role in the Watergate scandal and the Vietnam War, spoke about scandal and cover-up in the Nixon administration Tuesday at the Hall on Virginia Avenue’s Watergate 723 program. He encouraged students to risk their futures to expose untruths and uncover wrongdoing – to make a difference in the world. “I […]

Quote of the Week

Men’s basketball Coach Tom Penders was thrilled when he heard that The Sporting News, which ranks every team in Division I from No. 1 to No. 318, ranked GW 172nd: “Great, that’s super,” said Tom Penders. “Do I get Coach of the Year if we get into the top 150?”

Colleges integrate computer literacy

GW is considering integrating computer literacy requirements into its required curriculum because its current requirements do not include a computer literacy course for all the undergraduate schools, administrators said. Craig Linebaugh, vice president for Academic Affairs Planning and Projects, said students who are not required to take any computer classes would benefit from taking these […]

Gaining no ground — staff editorial

When GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg called protests against the new, state-of-the-art GW Hospital a “non-issue” at the groundbreaking ceremony yesterday, he was right. Foggy Bottom residents need to accept the fact that a new GW Hospital will be built. Instead of demanding unrealistic concessions, Foggy Bottom residents should be pragmatic about their appeals to […]

Rockcity.com’s interactive twentysomething show swings into GW for a day

Put six strangers together for a seven-week trip and what happens? No, it’s not the latest show on MTV, it’s a new interactive show presented on the Internet called “Rockcity Limits.” And the cast members of the cyber-adventure visited GW Wednesday. Hollywood producer Hunt Lowry and his partner John Kennedy are establishing a new and […]

Delivery discrimination — staff editorial

Residents of Q Street SW – a predominantly African-American neighborhood – have filed suit against Domino’s Pizza for refusing to deliver pizza to their doors. Instead, residents must come outside to pay for their pizza. Given the relatively low crime rate of the area, the residents of Q Street SW have a right to seek […]

Editorial misses the point

The Hatchet’s editorial “Dung Happens” (Oct. 4, p. 4) completely missed the boat on what the First Amendment stands for. The government “shall make no law.abridging the freedom of speech (or expression)” the First Amendment tells us. In his recent battle with the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Mayor Giuliani is not trying to censor and […]