October 4, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 18

Stories from the October 4, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Boy-band crazy

On page seven of Monday’s edition of The GW Hatchet, there was a box at the bottom of the page that said that the “boy-band phenomenon is getting out of hand.” What is that all about? I happen to enjoy the new surge of boy-band music and pop in general. I think that many students […]


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The strangeness of strangers

Sometimes I talk to people I don’t even know. They have such interesting things to say. “Fifty-two cards in a deck! Fifty-two cards in a deck!” A stranger on K Street once yelled at me. “Fifty-two cards in a deck,” he went on to say. I wasn’t arguing and with good reason: there are 52 […]

HOVA residents caught sleeping during evacuation

More than 100 residents of the Hall on Virginia Avenue must attend fire safety sessions after they did not evacuate HOVA when a fire alarm was triggered last week, Community Living and Learning Center administrators said. The fire alarm was caused by a release of steam in an elevator shaft, resulting in an early morning […]

Dung happens –staff editorial

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani recently attacked the Brooklyn Museum of Art for its display of “Sensation,” an exhibit that has caused a stir because of a piece that portrays the Virgin Mary partially covered in dung. But the mayor shows poor judgment when he assumes politics should censor freedom of expression. The Brooklyn Museum […]

GW graduate produces his first independent film

Shane Morris, who graduated from GW last year, faced some difficult decisions at the end of his senior year. Parents and friends expected Morris, a political science major and history minor, to attend law school, but quietly he still entertained dreams of being a film producer. Morris said he designed his own course in film […]

Alarming affair — staff editorial

When a fire alarm went off at the Hall on Virginia Avenue Sept. 27 and more than 100 residents failed to evacuate – many because they said they didn’t hear the alarm – the possibility of a faulty alarm system at HOVA became disturbingly apparent. University officials acted improperly by citing residents who didn’t evacuate […]

GW students meet goal at blood drive, help victims of hurricane

Pale-faced GW students milled about the third floor of the Marvin Center Thursday, waiting to donate their blood at a blood drive. The drive was co-sponsored by the American Islamic Medical Association and the AmeriCorps Neighbors Project. Senior Maliha Malik, a member of AIMA and AmeriCorps, said she began planning the drive during the summer […]

GW Hospital set to break ground

The GW Hospital will hold a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday for the construction of the new, state-of-the-art hospital even though GW has not obtained a building permit for the project. Amy Pianalto, media relations coordinator for the hospital, said the permit is “in process.” Hospital CEO Phillip S. Schaengold said the University will begin excavating when […]

Breast cancer awareness

(U-WIRE) AMES, Iowa – Many months or weeks of the year are designated as special learning times for certain groups. There’s Hispanic Heritage Month and Banned Books week, which ended last week. There’s Black History month, which is in February. There’s even a National Condom Awareness Week, which is also in February. But Friday marks […]