September 27, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 16

Stories from the September 27, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Africana studies merits GW support

The study of African-American history has the power to open many new doors of perception. This is linked to the fact that its subject matter is unique in human history. The transatlantic slave trade is the only example of a sudden, large-scale movement of human beings between two civilizations of such dramatically different technological and […]

Fall Sports Preview: Experienced Colonials driving for more success

GW golf is seeking to improve on last year’s third-place Atlantic 10 finish, coming off its best season since the late 1950s. The Colonials have a huge advantage in experience, with only one senior graduating last year. All of the nine players returning started on a regular basis in one of the past two seasons. […]

Students must fight sweatshops abroad

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, four members of the Progressive Student Union, including myself, went to Georgetown University to attend a panel discussion on the issue of sweatshop labor. Charles Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee, famous for being the man who exposed the sweatshops where Kathy Lee Gifford clothes are made, opened the meeting. He […]

Fall Sports Preview: Golf at a glance

“Last year, we had a younger team that made freshman mental mistakes,” said Coach Scott Allen. “That shouldn’t be the case this year.” coachScott Allen (sixth year) last seasonThird at Atlantic 10 Championship season so far11th at Navy Fall Intercollegiate

GW and the bold, boring future

I’d like to talk to you kids today about boredom. It can grip you at your very soul and take away your will to live. Now I’m not referring to that prissy French kind, ennui, or the malaise that only geniuses possess and the insane lament. We’re Americans, dammit, so I don’t want to hear […]

Fall Sports Preview: Mind over water

Every morning as the sun peaks over the Potomac, the dedicated members of the GW crew teams gather to continue a timeless tradition. Since 1956, GW athletes have worked hard and ambitiously – pursuing a spot on one of the more successful rowing teams on the East coast. Every year, the crews display how team […]

Stay tuned. — staff editorial

GW’s state-of-the-art classroom technology can benefit students in ways previously impossible, but too often malfunctions and teachers who can’t work the new gadgets cause the loss of valuable class time. This is unacceptable at a university of GW’s caliber. With some simple trouble-shooting and education of professors on how to work the technology, these obstacles […]

Tricky returns to old ways on Juxtapose

When Tricky released his debut album, Maxinquaye, critics immediately hailed it as a masterpiece. It also helped to define the trip-hop sound – a sinister, claustrophobic sound that mixed hip-hop with styles like reggae and dub. Then Tricky’s downward spiral began. With each of his subsequent albums, Tricky retreated further into that claustrophobic sound. Now, […]

Money `matters’ — staff editorial

As the People’s Republic of China celebrates its 50th anniversary Oct. 1, the Chinese economy prospers and business leaders around the world are clamoring to rub elbows with Politburo leaders while thousands of political and religious dissidents remain in prisons, viciously persecuted by the government. In a display of biting hypocrisy, more than 200 of […]

Walking the walk

Few events could motivate more than 600 GW students to wake up early on a Sunday morning to walk about six miles. Free breakfast, free T-shirts, and free condoms, while influential, were not the factors that drew students out of bed and into their sneakers Sunday. It was the desire to fight the spread of […]