September 7, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 10

Stories from the September 7, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

News Briefs

GW ranks high with Peace Corps GW ranked 10th among the top 25 Peace Corps volunteer producing universities and colleges in the mid-Atlantic region. Twenty-five GW graduates from the class of 1999 serve in the Peace Corps, working to fight hunger, purify water in communities, instruct children, start new businesses and impede the spread of […]

Advisers help students through maze of requirements

Navigating through the maze of graduation requirements is daunting to some GW students. To give students some direction, the University offers a network of faculty advisers, intended to “help students learn to make well-informed choices,” according to the University Bulletin. Both students and faculty, however, acknowledge common problems with the system, including a lack of […]

University Club will celebrate new location at grand opening

The GW University Club will hold a grand opening for club members in coming weeks to celebrate its new location in two historic townhouses next to Thurston Hall. The grand opening will take place Sept. 16 and 17 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the new club property located at 1918 F St. The […]

Welcome back, it’s good to see you!

So what’s on your minds as you return to GW – filling its residence halls, classrooms, parking spaces and nearby bars to capacity and beyond? What, as you unpack and move into your room with your own phone and Internet (!!!XXX Pics/NAKED GIRLS, LIVE!!!) connection? From what I’ve heard, you’d like to hear how random […]

Chaos due to poor planning, weak SA

It’s no secret that GW is a bit crowded this year. It’s also no secret as to why: increased enrollment, all in the name of what increasingly seems to be more important to our administration – lots and lots of money. At the close of the first week of classes, students are already fretting about […]

`Youthful indiscretions’ a good thing?

George W. Bush Jr. did all the students at GW a favor – or did he? Whether you are going to vote for him or not, George Bush solidified your right to youthful indiscretion. Bush’s answer to the infamous “cocaine question,” gave people roughly between the ages of 14 and 28 the ability to lapse […]

Piano lessons — staff editorial

What do you get when you add 550 students and 300 undergraduate classes to the current University population without adding any new classrooms? Yes, you’re right: overcrowding. For GW, this oversight means classes must be held in non-traditional locations, such as the Thurston Hall piano lounge and the School Without Walls. By now the theme […]

Prank rankings? — staff editorial

You can call unscientific rankings like those in the Princeton Review guidebook, The Best 331 Colleges many things – but if you are a GW student, you would probably call many of them on the money. According to 88 student surveys compiled in the 1998-’99 academic year, GW ranked 12th nationally for “most politically active,” […]

GW schedules freshman classes in Thurston Hall

Freshmen are taking classes in the Thurston Hall piano lounge this semester because of an increased number of classes and initiatives by the Community Living and Learning Center. English 10 sections and freshman advising workshops are among 11 predominantly freshman classes scheduled in the lounge. The decision to hold classes in a residence hall was […]

GW kicks off with win, tie

GW defeated Mount Saint Mary’s College and battled the University of Albany to a draw to finish second in last weekend’s Hoya Soccer Classic at Georgetown University. Monday’s win was GW head coach George Lidster’s 100th career victory. Lidster is the winningest coach in GW history (100-83-27). GW 3, Mt. St. Mary’s 1Mon., Sept. 6 […]