September 2, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 9

Stories from the September 2, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

University logs onto government’s technology initiative

GW students will have access to information relevant to them in a centralized location thanks to a government pilot program that will start this fall. The Access America for Students Initiative is part of Vice President Al Gore’s push for technology in schools, said Dan Small, Student Financial Assistance director. He said the government is […]

Women’s Center seeks diversity

When The GW Women’s Center at Mount Vernon College opened March 1, it had this question in mind – who listened to Martha Washington? The Women’s Center mission statement dedicated the Center as a resource, a safe space and a forum for free discussion between diverse women. At the Center’s first meeting this year, Janice […]

GW experiences technology changes

Students are plugging in, turning on, and booting up across GW and the nation. E-mail, Internet, and even compact disc burners have become a common sight in many residence hall rooms. But not all students have caught up with the digital revolution. Luckily for GW students, a variety of departments, many of which are undergoing […]

Guns don’t cause violence

Lora Machel’s article from the Arizona Daily Wildcat reprinted in Monday’s Hatchet (“Cold truth about guns, society,” p. 5) is typical of the left wing’s anti-gun rhetoric. Machel clearly does not understand the purpose of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, nor is her analysis of the correlation between guns and violence sound. […]

Online, on track? — staff editorial

GW’s drive to become a more “connected” university will include online registration for the spring semester, a welcome change if accomplished with maximum efficiency and minimal difficulties. The new GWeb system will be operational by Sept. 13, allowing students to register for classes and view personal information. Eventually, GWeb will include financial aid information and […]

Access before improvement — staff editorial

The College Board recently released some encouraging statistics concerning the number of minorities taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test. A higher percentage of students who took the SAT last year were minorities, although minority performance on the test remains well-below national averages. Minority student participation in the SAT increased by a third over the last decade. […]

Mediocre script and lack of humor plague The Muse

Comedy can be divided into four basic categories: raunchy, slapstick, eighties and intellectual. The raunchy era’s earliest beginnings can be traced back to the absolutely hilarious fart scene in Blazing Saddles, and has since evolved to the gross-out gags of There’s Something About Mary and American Pie. Slapstick is probably the easiest to categorize, originated […]

SA spending woes

It’s a well-known fact that I, a GW student, pay a lot of money to attend this University. In an ignorant bliss, I would like to believe that my money is going toward things that will benefit me and my fellow students. I would like to think that my money is part of what pays […]

Football success story

David Holt is to be commended for a wonderfully written article on the glorious – and inglorious – days of the GW Football Program. As (probably) one of the few Washington, D.C., natives teaching here, I was born within the sound of the crack of a bat from the old Griffith Stadium and remember attending […]