August 30, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 8

Stories from the August 30, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Freshmen beware of administration, SA intrigue

Welcome Freshmen: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. All of you who are thinking that the above quote was from Shakespeare, well you’re wrong and should no longer be wondering why you did so poorly on the SAT verbal section. The quote is from Dant?. No not the Dant? from Clerks, the medieval Italian […]

Market Madness

D.C. Diary August 28, 1999Provisions Market12 p.m. “What are you doing here?” was the most frequently asked question I was asked Saturday as I loitered in the new Provisions Market on the Marvin Center ground floor. Quite simply, I wanted to find out if fellow students appreciated the GW grocery shopping experience, so I checked […]

When lightning strikes — staff editorial

In a show of blatant disregard for proper procedure, Student Association President Phil Meisner and Cat Sadler, co-chair of the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students, planned to have a fireworks display. They wanted to set off the fireworks before the showing of Austin Powers on the Quad last Sunday – without receiving approval from […]

Me’Shell Ndeg?ocello abounds with soul, sensuality on Bitter

Me’Shell Ndeg?ocello titled her latest album Bitter (Maverick), but it is a misnomer. The album oozes with emotion and intensity, but the feeling she puts into it is anything but bitter. Each carefully crafted song utilizes every ounce of Ndeg?ocello’s musical ability and teems with sensuality. Despite the intricacy of her name, Ndeg?ocello keeps things […]

Greek-letter blueprint — staff editorial

The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity successfully accomplished something this weekend that few Greek-letter organizations have ever achieved, or even attempted. The traditionally black fraternity had a great time at its event: a non-alcoholic party. And if that is not amazing enough, hundreds attended the event and the fraternity raised money for charity at the same […]

Stereophonics lacks talent of other Brit-pop bands

Stereophonics is trying to make it big with its second album, Performance and Cocktails (V2). Sadly, though, this album doesn’t quite match up with those of its British predecessors. Stereophonics often is compared to the Manic Street Preachers. Both bands are Welsh, and both are hard rock. But comparing the two is like comparing Limp […]

Students must take action themselves, not rely on SA

As another semester commences, I noticed that not too much has changed. Students still pay $5.19 for a box of Lucky Charms. The freshmen still wait at the crosswalk for the “walk” sign, but most importantly, we are still leaderless. During my first two years, I sat idly by as the University took away the […]

Meisner, GW face off over proposed fireworks

Student Association members are scrambling for a solution after a disagreement about a fireworks display exploded into a controversy between student leaders and the administration a week before classes. SA President Phil Meisner and Cat Sadler, co-chair of the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students, said they thought they had a “bright idea” to have […]

Recruit Brown, Soares leave GW

Recruit Jamal Brown, a 6-6 forward from Baltimore, is headed to Seward (Kansas) Junior College, and he will likely go on to the University of New Mexico once he is eligible, reported last week. Head coach Tom Penders said he only knows that Brown will attend a junior college, and he doesn’t know what […]

GW students experience virtual reality at Fall Fest

Virtually every celebrity in the D.C. area attended Saturday’s Fall Fest on the GW Quad – the magic of virtual reality brought them there. But it was the Program Board that brought the students musical acts, food and inflatable activities. “It’s great, it’s like previous years, but as I remember it’s better than last year’s,” […]