August 30, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 8

Stories from the August 30, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Student Health extends hours

The GW Student Health Center is working toward making health services more accessible to students this year. Some of the changes came as a result of suggestions generated by a Student Association Senate resolution passed at the end of last semester. The SHC, which is open to students with minor health complications Monday through Friday […]

`Political correctness’ goes for media liberals, too

“Plenty of black guys in overalls and straw hats ate watermelon at the University Freshman Welcome picnic Tuesday afternoon. But almost as many professors and a smattering of New Englanders participated in the kick-off event as well.” “Plenty of fat women in muumuus and sandals chowed down at the Ben & Jerry’s fan club meeting. […]


The GW Hatchet apologizes for incorrectly citing the capital of Turkey in the story “GW aids quake victims: Turkish students share tragic stories” on page one (Monday, Aug. 26). The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

Cold truth about guns, society

(U-WIRE) TUCSON, Ariz. – Guns kill people. Guns kill animals. Guns are for killing. There is no getting around that fact. Every year in this country, people are murdered with guns. Rifles, pistols, revolvers, semi-automatic weapons. All these types of guns are involved in murders, suicides, robberies, hunting and even accidental shootings. Children are killed […]

PB evaluates spending strategy after big loss

The Program Board is looking for new ways to stretch its budget this year after experiencing a $45,000 loss on last year’s Blues Traveler concert. Seth Weinert, executive vice chair of PB, said they are looking at more “creative” ways to program after last year. “We’re going to take a hard look at the way […]

Terrapins shut out GW

The GW women’s soccer team opened the fall sports season with a frustrating 2-0 loss at home Sunday against a local soccer powerhouse, Maryland. GW soccer’s home, South Riding Field, offered muddy conditions after several days of rain last week, as the Colonial women seemed stuck in their defensive end by the dominating Maryland offense. […]

News Briefs

Marvin Center accepts requests for space All student, academic, and administrative groups will be able to sign up for Marvin Center and outdoor meeting space at the Event Services Fair Wednesday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. in the Marvin Center Ballroom. The first-ever event was planned after groups were unable to reserve meeting space […]

Local Pro Scores

NFL (Exhibition) Saturday, Aug. 28REDSKINS (3-0)… 27Steelers (1-2)… 14 WNBA Saturday, Aug. 28Mystics’ Chamique Holdsclaw named Rookie of the Year. MLS Saturday, Aug. 28UNITED (19-7, 47 points)… 1Colorado Rapids (16-8, 42 points)… 0

Iowa community reacts to Y2K advice

(U-WIRE) IOWA CITY, Iowa – Fuel was added to the Y2K fire when the top presidential adviser on the issue advised people to stock three days worth of supplies for the end of the year. “Why only three days?” Iowa City resident Vince Hiser said as he waited for a bus Thursday. “Doesn’t everybody have […]

Final Associated Press College Football Poll – 1956

1. Oklahoma2. Tennessee3. Iowa4. Georgia Tech5. Texas A&M6. Miami (Fla.)7. Michigan8. Syracuse9. Michigan St.10. Oregon St.11. Baylor12. Minnesota13. Pittsburgh14. Texas Christian15. Ohio St.16. Navy17. GEORGE WASHINGTON18. Southern California19. Clemson20. Colorado