August 26, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 7

Stories from the August 26, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Red, White and You

Plenty of white guys in khakis and Polo shirts shmoozed at the College Republicans’ Welcome Week reception Tuesday night. But almost as many women and a smattering of minority students participated in the kick-off event as well. Almost 250 GW students gobbled chicken wings and mozzarella sticks on the CR’s tab in the crowded party […]

GW installs sophomore CF training program

The Community Living and Learning Center launched a pilot program this fall designed to train sophomores as community facilitators in GW residence halls. Assistant Dean of Students Mark Levine said CLLC needed to expand its pool of CF applicants because housing options increased on campus when the University turned the former Premier Hotel into the […]

Sigma Alpha Epsilon seeks improved community ties

The new plan for the off-campus fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to “demonstrate that we are not the nuisance everyone thinks we are,” President Jared Reiss said. A year ago, Sigma Alpha Epsilon members found themselves reading a letter from the University threatening legal action if fraternity brothers did not curb their behavior. Administrators sent […]