August 23, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 6

Stories from the August 23, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GTAs demand union representation at GW

Chanting “Trachtenberg, rich and rude, we don’t like your attitude,” the Graduate Teaching Assistant Adjunct Alliance and United Auto Workers rallied at Professors’ Gate demanding union representation at GW. Before the rally began, members of the group, who now affiliate with UAW, spoke with a production crew from CNN. Sharon Hanscom, a part-time English instructor, […]

Women’s studies department offers graduate certificate

GW broke new ground in 1972 when it started the first graduate program in women’s studies. Now, 27 years later, the department will offer a graduate certificate for students who already are enrolled in doctoral degree programs and non-degree students who have at least a bachelor’s degree, Cynthia Deitch, assistant director of the women’s studies […]

GW bids farewell to Ronald W. Howard

Ronald W. Howard, 65, a resident of Arlington, Va. and a long-time administrator at GW, died of cancer Aug. 19, at the Hospice of Northern Virginia. For more than 35 years, Howard touched the lives of thousands of GW students, faculty and colleagues. In tribute to his concern and care for students, friends of Howard […]

Legislation offers students tax break

(U-WIRE) STANFORD, Calif. – Congress passed a $792 billion tax cut on Aug. 5, the largest tax cut in 18 years, which may have a significant impact on college students. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, if passed, the bill would offer tax breaks to students amounting to $7.2 billion over the next 10 […]

Forging Ahead — staff editorial

In a drama that has played out many times in the past, Foggy Bottom residents and GW are at odds about expansion. The proposed sight for a new, 371-bed hospital on the parking lot between the Foggy Bottom Metro, New Hampshire Avenue and 23rd Street is at the center of the dispute. Complaints from the […]

GW will begin building new hospital in fall

GW received final approval to build a new hospital this month, ending a tumultuous battle that started February 1998. But some residents say the war is far from over. The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment gave its approval Aug. 6, but outlined a list of conditions the hospital must follow. Restrictions on the hospital include […]

More construction? — staff editorial

As sure as summer wanes and classes begin at GW, another University ritual is in full force – construction. To traverse the Foggy Bottom campus without noticing the metamorphosis underway would be nearly impossible. Most visible are projects in the Mid-Campus Quad, renovations at the Hall on Virginia Avenue, and initial excavating at the future […]

Another side of Fraternity life

I love genuine niceness. “But, Matt,” you say, “You’re a newspaper man. Aren’t you supposed to be sarcastic and cynical, not believing anything at face value?” OK, normally you are right. But I have just witnessed something that has changed my view in many ways. I have seen a group of people who spent their […]

Girls on the Verge explores women’s rites of passage

Hallelujah! Someone has finally investigated the initiations in which many young women feel compelled to participate. For years, Americans heard about the rites of passage designed to turn boy into man – little league, fraternities, gangs, strip clubs, etc. But now Vendela Vida explores the trials some women face to become part of a group […]