June 7, 1999

Volume 96, Issue 3

Stories from the June 7, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Large freshman class raises concerns

GW administrators are spending the summer preparing to accommodate the largest freshman class in recent years. Not only will they have to offer additional housing, GW officials said they will pay special attention to class sizes. GW’s Office of Academic Affairs will monitor freshman registration during Colonial Inauguration to determine which courses require additional class […]

News Briefs

GW buys Underwriters building The University purchased the Association of Life Underwriters building on the 1900 block of F Street Friday, to use it for office space eventually. A University spokesman confirmed the building had been purchased but said its current occupants will remain there for at least a year to 18 months. When the […]

Letter to the editor

Part-time pay The current state of compensation and benefits of our part-time faculty deserves immediate and serious examination. Re-accreditation teams and internal University self-studies during the past few years have noted the increasing reliance on part-time faculty. These instructors play vital roles at GW. This year, the Student Association has prioritized the treatment of part-time […]

Measuring the success of a University

Folks who visit the GW campus see around them all the signs of success. New buildings are under construction. Our students get better and better. Every room in the student residences is occupied. The place bustles with the comings and goings of important people from Washington and other cities. But some of those measures would […]

Sports Briefs

New assistant soccer coach named Jake Ouimet was named assistant coach of the men’s soccer team, head coach George Lidster announced May 28. Ouimet replaced eight-year assistant John McNamara and will assist Lidster with on-the-field coaching in addition to recruiting. “Jake is keen to begin a college coaching career, and his experience as a very […]

Beth Orton’s passion highlights sold-out 9:30 Club concert

With its soothing effect, Beth Orton’s music could be described as mellow. But this description does not capture the essence of the British singer’s music-it fails to convey the intensity with which she sings, the emotional fervor that makes Orton unique among the slew of female singers trying to become more than a B-stage Lillith […]

KMFDM concludes influential career with mature album

KMFDM, the band that made it cool for metal heads to dance, bids farewell with its latest release, Adios (Wax Trax). As the influential band’s most mature album, Adios is the perfect way for KMFDM to wrap-up its 15-year career. The album continues the band’s movement away from the hard, guitar-based sounds of its early […]

GW dining expands student options

GW students who purchase a meal plan this fall will have more choices of where they can eat and more flexible dining hours. The University has eliminated “meal zone” hours and expanded dining services to many of the locations on campus. It also plans to incorporate dining space in the recently purchased Hall on Virginia […]

Ground floor opens in Marvin Center

The renovation of the Marvin Center’s ground floor is set to be completed by the first day of classes, and the area has already been opened, said Mike Gargano, assistant vice president for Student Academic Support Services. The completion of the ground floor is the first part of a $22 million project to renovate the […]

Room service — staff editorial

The University recently purchased the Premier Hotel on Virginia Avenue and will turn it into a residence hall because of the unprecedented size of the incoming freshman class. The new hall (not “New Hall”) will house almost 400 freshman students in the fall in an attempt to ensure they will have a place to live […]