April 19, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 64

Stories from the April 19, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Fest on Quad shares tips on consumerism

The Sports Illustrated Campus Fest transformed the Quad into a consumers’ wonderland Thursday and Friday, offering about 3,500 students promotional products, prizes and games. In its second year at GW, the fest’s goal was to educate students about consumerism and help them make better purchasing decisions, said Barry Dorsey, co-manager of the event. “Many of […]

Students sport milk mustaches

Got milk? That was the question on the minds of several GW students as they posed for a photo shoot on the Quad Friday afternoon as part of the national “Milk Mustache” advertising campaign. The campus tour will stop at more than 50 colleges and universities in search of the perfect milk mustache. A finalist […]

GW student creates digital democracy

GW senior Einat Sandman teamed with a high school friend in 1998 to create Digital Democracy, an interactive political Web site that provides voters an information center and forum about Silicon Valley politics. “I am from California, and I used to feel guilty filling out a ballot because I did not know the candidates on […]

Letters to the Editor

Teaching tolerance I was shocked and dismayed when I read the April 15 “From Outside the Beltway” op-ed “Movie on homosexual rights was wrong for second-grade students,” (p. 4). The authors criticized the decision to show a documentary on homosexuality to a second-grade class, or to read them Becky Has Two Mommies. The author contended […]

Secret strategy for writing a paper

As the semester winds to a close, I, for one, am swamped with an inconceivable amount of stuff to do. My assignments mainly consist of writing – papers, journals, parking tickets, tagging subway cars. All I’ve been doing for the past few weeks is staring at a computer monitor while my derriere pleads for sunlight. […]

To solve the problems in Kosovo, go after their cause – Milosevic

As of this writing, NATO is continuing with Operation Allied Force even though Serbia’s offensive against Kosovar Albanians is seemingly unaffected. It is obvious to observers across the political spectrum, expect the president, that the air war as it is being fought will not achieve any meaningful results. It will not save the Kosovars from […]

A year of persistence and successes

“Potter vows persistent advocacy” was the title of an article that ran a little more than a year ago in The GW Hatchet. I am often reminded of a quote from this article: “But Potter says her biggest task if she is elected will not be to introduce revolutionary new programs or induce monumental changes […]

Safety Schools no more – Staff editorial

When most high school seniors are deciding which colleges to apply to, they develop several lists: their dream schools, their target schools and one or two “safety” schools they know they can get into. It used to be that those safety schools were mostly state universities. But today’s high school seniors have found that admission […]

Fitness fees – Staff editorial

The health and wellness center has been touted for many years as the panacea for the problems that plague the Smith Center. After numerous hearings, revised proposals and delays, the ceremonial groundbreaking for the wellness center finally took place in February. If construction goes according to plans, students will walk through the wellness center’s doors […]

Upcoming Games

B-baseballG-golfWT-women’s tennis Monday: G at Xavier Invit.WT at Loyola-3 p.m. Tuesday: B at Md.-7 p.m. Wednesday: B at Mt. St. Mary’s-3 p.m. Thursday: no games scheduled