April 1, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 59

Stories from the April 1, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.


You thought you exactly knew what the alphabet soup of acronyms at GW meant. You thought wrong. Here are the real words behind the letters. SJT Still Jackin’ TuitionJEC Jointly Evading CompetenceIFC Intoxicated Frat CreepsCLLC Center for Lackeys, Laziness and ClodsANC Association of Ninnies and CheatsSA Simply AsininePB Piss-poor BudgetingGW VP Getting Wages; Vapid PerformancesMVC […]

By the numbers: GW fast facts

Student Association 5% of GW students know what the SA is12% think they have seen the SA walking down the street68% wish they had never heard of the SA15% told us their opinion, but because they missed a meeting, they were fined and thrown off the final results. Program Board 99.9% of students wish they […]

Clap if you care

Orally satisfying The Troupeawhores would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the GW community. We are GW’s only a cappella escort service. The way we work is quite simple: You call us up (or e-mail us at whores@gwu.edu), and order one of our performances. We can do group songs, duos or solos. […]

`N Sync makes motion picture

Following in the footsteps of fellow super-group the Spice Girls, ‘N Sync announced this week it will star in its own motion picture. The film will be about five guys in a band who are obsessed with New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys and try to emulate their icons. “When I first read […]


Everyone knows the Simply Aggravating elections were a joke. The candidates were inept. The ones who lost would have done shitty; the ones who won also will do shitty. Actually they won’t do much of anything. (There will, however, be a “student rally” outside the Marvin Center next week protesting the lack of Orangina in […]

Rogers elected new Student Alienation prez

Just Enjoys Carelessness announced Tuesday that Swingin’ “Mr.” Rogers (hey, baby check out my Land of Make-Believe) won this year’s election for Student Alienation president. “We’re gonna make the SA mo’ bigger, mo’ stronger, mo’ better,” Rogers said. He then went back to standing under a J Street table. Rogers did not run a write-in […]

Who should we bomb today? – Staff editorial

We are always amazed at how much impact our editorials have on national and international issues. It seems that any time we tell another nation what they should do on a given issue, they listen to us. Just consider:  In the early 1940s, we warned the Japanese that if they carried out their expansionist […]

Choose your own fantastic frat adventure

Freshman I.B. Horney said he always fantasized about going Greek, ensconcing himself in Greek letters and preparing himself for daily beatings. “My senior year of high school was spent taking bong hits and keg stands. Ya know, for practice,” Horney said. But, after years of waiting, Horney has arrived at GW. He said he is […]

The SA rocks our world! – Staff editorial

This year, has been one of the most productive years ever for the Student Association. It has accomplished more this year than any other SA has ever even attempted to do. Students should be extremely impressed with the leadership exhibited by their elected leaders this year. The fact that those meanies in Rice Hall never […]


Note from the degenerates who wrote this: Welcome to our annual April Fool’s issue. We hope it makes you laugh, love, learn and grow intellectually. Well, maybe not the last few. This is intended to be funny, not offend. Everything is written in jest. If you’ve had your sense of humor surgically removed (you know […]