April 1, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 59

Stories from the April 1, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW denounces Republic of Venereal Disease

GW President Stinkin’ Tackyturd announced Monday at a press conference the decision to bomb the Republic of Venereal Diseases, a sovereign nation established by a couple of students with no friends last fall. What first began as a program recognized and celebrated by the Crazy Lazy Losers Center dissolved into a dissident group wanting only […]

GW Athletics Quiz

See if you bleed buff and blue. Test your GW sports IQ: 1. Round thing used in many GW sports (i.e. basket____). 2. The number “54” that GW point guard Shawnta Rogers wears has this relationship to his height. 3. GW crew teams use these to row their boats through the water. 4. GW head […]

The Dangerous Liaison cracks down on deviants

UPD apprehended a Mitchell Hall resident Monday after he was found reading an overdue book on the roof of his residence hall, said Seven Grooves, Gelman’s Dangerous Liaison. “To Kill A Mockingbird was three weeks overdue and someone needed to pay,” Grooves said. “We recovered the book even though three pages had been dog-eared and […]

It came from the basement

After years and years of being held captive in Downstage Lisner, Ordinary Theatre has escaped. For the first time, the group will perform in the Dorothy Betts Theatre. “It feels so good to be free,” director Zit Poppin said. “They kept us down there – in that small musty room with uncomfortable chairs and horrible […]

GW Votes whoops freshman booty

Unqualified Police arrested GW Votes coordinator Madam’s Nipple today and charged him with assault after he used his Army techniques on two Thrustin Hell students who refused to change their voter registration to D.C. “They wouldn’t switch so I pulverized them,” Nipple said. Nipple was petitioning for Eats Minors, a candidate for Annoying Nasty Creatures. […]

Puff Daddy, Taco Bell dog unite for song

The world gasped a dramatic “what the fuck?” when Bad Boy Entertainment superstar Sean “Puffy” Combs performed a duet entitled “Come With Me” with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. While Page has been busy trying to live down that ghetto rendition of “Cashmere,” Puff Daddy has thrown himself back into the world of stupid […]

Man to live with goat in GW dorm

A resident of Crapfilled Hall has petitioned the University to cohabitate with a goat and Continuously Losing and Loathing Center officials say they are considering the plan. “I just feel I need to live as I please without University intervention,” said Morals Lapsing, who requested to live with “Baby,” a goat he met in Dupont […]

The Bar Belle

Originally Published 04/01/99 Bar: EvensWhere: 2222 J StreetCrowd: Really nice peopleGetting in: Strictly 21 year oldsPrices: Very reasonableFood: delicious gourmet itemsDancing: YesPick-ups: Only tactful onesPluses: Good-looking people, great music and tons of funMinuses: Absolutely nothing Close to campus, Evens provides the best entertainment for a night of fun with friends. At this bar, there are […]

Ultimate GW Republican babbles on and on and on

GW’s in-house spinmeister Just Hopin’ (the Republicans will win the presidency) is graduating in just a few weeks, leaving MS Hatchet reporters wondering who will fill their stories with political mumbo-jumbo and Beltway jive. Hopin’ said he is doing a world-wide search for a replacement, “someone who will circumvent issues and hide behind humor like […]

classifieds 4/1/99

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