April 1, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 59

Stories from the April 1, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Man to live with goat in GW dorm

A resident of Crapfilled Hall has petitioned the University to cohabitate with a goat and Continuously Losing and Loathing Center officials say they are considering the plan. “I just feel I need to live as I please without University intervention,” said Morals Lapsing, who requested to live with “Baby,” a goat he met in Dupont […]

The Bar Belle

Originally Published 04/01/99 Bar: EvensWhere: 2222 J StreetCrowd: Really nice peopleGetting in: Strictly 21 year oldsPrices: Very reasonableFood: delicious gourmet itemsDancing: YesPick-ups: Only tactful onesPluses: Good-looking people, great music and tons of funMinuses: Absolutely nothing Close to campus, Evens provides the best entertainment for a night of fun with friends. At this bar, there are […]

Ultimate GW Republican babbles on and on and on

GW’s in-house spinmeister Just Hopin’ (the Republicans will win the presidency) is graduating in just a few weeks, leaving MS Hatchet reporters wondering who will fill their stories with political mumbo-jumbo and Beltway jive. Hopin’ said he is doing a world-wide search for a replacement, “someone who will circumvent issues and hide behind humor like […]

classifieds 4/1/99

Classified Ads Help Wanted Opportunities Internships Summer Jobs Housing Offered Housing Wanted Services-General Travel Tutoring Typing/Word Proc. For Sale Miscellaneous Furniture

SA calls for topless Thrustin women

Freshman Sen. Unsheathed Hardon introduced a piece of legislation at Tuesday’s Make-Pretend Senate calling for all females in Thrustin’ Hell to go topless at least once a week. “See, this is all about equal rights and keeping it real,” Hardon said. “I think it is entirely unfair that I can be liberated enough to walk […]

Disgruntled reporter speaks on frat boy fiascoes

Greek letters blazoned across broad chests(but mostly not-so-broad chests) – the eternal April fools.Budweiser, Lowenbrau and Rolling Rock, their only tools. Always a bastion of raunchy news –public drunkenness and debauchery.With frat boys, reporters NEVER lose. Lambda Chi Alpha tried to sell the pretty-boy bro in `99but, in the SA elections, he got burned by […]

Straight from University press releases to your eyes

Riot breaks out at Smith Center The usual evening overflow in the Smith Center work-out room turned violent last night as students began brawling over the use of stationary bikes. Observers said several female students became entangled in the melee, which began when one accused another of cutting in line for the much-coveted bikes. “Some […]

GW Women’s Center goes down all the way

The recently opened GW Women’s Center is a pile of rubble today, after it collapsed Wednesday morning under the weight of its own self-importance. “It’s been on the brink of collapse for weeks,” said M. Power Edd, head of facilities at GW’s Mount Vernon campus. “I’m surprised it took this long.” The center’s limit was […]


You thought you exactly knew what the alphabet soup of acronyms at GW meant. You thought wrong. Here are the real words behind the letters. SJT Still Jackin’ TuitionJEC Jointly Evading CompetenceIFC Intoxicated Frat CreepsCLLC Center for Lackeys, Laziness and ClodsANC Association of Ninnies and CheatsSA Simply AsininePB Piss-poor BudgetingGW VP Getting Wages; Vapid PerformancesMVC […]

By the numbers: GW fast facts

Student Association 5% of GW students know what the SA is12% think they have seen the SA walking down the street68% wish they had never heard of the SA15% told us their opinion, but because they missed a meeting, they were fined and thrown off the final results. Program Board 99.9% of students wish they […]