March 29, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 58

Stories from the March 29, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Troubadours concert becomes engaging

A unique proposal came out of Saturday night’s Troubadours concert at the Betts Theatre. Most concert-goers thought the most sentimental part of the evening was going to be the Troubadours’ farewell to Kerry Barnhart and Maura Navin, who sang their last notes with the a cappella group as graduating seniors. But Tony Alanya, who runs […]

Meisner defeats Rice for SA presidency

Student Association President-elect Phil Meisner left a crowd of cheering supporters to call his mother and father early Friday morning after being declared the winner in last week’s runoff. But Meisner said it was hard to explain to his parents that he actually won. “What’s been going on is difficult to explain with all of […]

Flying the unfriendly skies

For spring break, I made the decision as an adult to go home rather than spend money to go to some beautiful and exciting place like the Bahamas or Bermuda. OK, so my mom made the decision, but I agreed with her. Oh OK, so I didn’t agree with her, but she bought me some […]

200 students make PB&Js for homeless

GW students got sticky making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in their pajamas for a good cause Thursday night at the third annual “Pajama Jammy Jam” at J Street. About 200 students made sandwiches for the homeless while listening to the live music of Hot Honey Magnet, a local band. Courtney From and Joanna Biegler, […]

Ideas for changing the elections process

A lot has been said recently about the Student Association. I guess it was inevitable I would have to add my two cents. Just so nobody gets confused, I think the way the SA works and the way elections ran this year both suck. Now before the members of the SA and Joint Elections Committee, […]

News Briefs

Dance concert to showcase student, guest talents GW’s Spring Dance Concert will feature work from guest artists and student choreographers next week at the Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre. Stacy Palatt, a dancer and choreographer who teaches dance at GW and the School Without Walls, will direct the three-day extravaganza. The concert will be Palatt’s first […]

To make a difference, get involved

I arrived on the GW campus this year wanting to help fellow students by contributing my efforts to make the system work for them. I have always believed that if the resources available to people are used with conviction and dedication, positive change is possible. I told some of my new friends that these thoughts […]

Making a bigger mess in the Balkans

Last week, NATO, a collective defense alliance formed in the early years of the Cold War, initiated an unofficial war against a sovereign state in the middle of Europe. It may prove to be one of the greater policy errors of the decade, setting precedents that cannot be broken and expanding conflict by attempting to […]

Making good on threats – Staff editorial

NATO forces launched an offensive attack last week for the first time in the organization’s 50-year history. The attacks were designed to stop Serb forces from continuing the murderous treatment of their own citizens in Kosovo. Several days of aerial bombings against targets in Serbia and Kosovo have yet to deter the Serbs from reportedly […]

Upcoming Games

B-baseballG-golfMT-men’s tennis Monday: G at Will. & Mary Invit. Tuesday: B vs. Richmond-3 p.m.G at W & M Invit. Wednesday: B vs. Howard-3 p.m.MT at George Mason-2 p.m. Thursday: no games scheduled