March 22, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 56

Stories from the March 22, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

A muddled U.S.-North Korea policy

While the Clinton administration is attempting to stand up to Yugoslav strongman Slobodan Milosevic despite years of appeasing him and his genocidal ambitions, it has just completed a deal with the worlds most dangerous regime – North Korea. The negotiations that led to this latest agreement began after evidence began to mount that an underground […]

More talk in Kosovo – Staff editorial

The world (most of it, anyway) has stood idly by as the breakup of Yugoslavia degenerated into some of the worst examples of organized genocide and atrocities since the Holocaust. The threat of international intercession has been raised so many times that it lacks any real credibility. The Clinton administration has once again declared that […]

SA is isolated and out of touch

This spring Ed Meinert asked me to help him in his bid for Student Association president. I knew Ed through participation in a student group, so I decided to join the campaign. Little did I know what I would be exposed to in an SA presidential campaign. In my three years at GW, I have […]

The never-ending story – Staff editorial

This year’s student elections have taken a page from a soap opera script: Just when it seems Alexis Rice has finally won, a shocking ballot controversy takes away her victory. And just when it looked like Derek Grosso was gone for good, he surprises everyone by coming back from the dead for one more attempt […]

Hoosiers roll past Colonials

ORLANDO, Fla. – Cinderella teams abounded after the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, as low seeds consistently beat top seeds in the first and second rounds. But the GW men’s basketball team forgot to get fitted for a glass slipper, as Indiana University escorted the Colonials from the “Big Dance” early with a 108-88 […]