March 11, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 55

Stories from the March 11, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Campus elections disappoint freshmen

GW freshmen expressed disillusion with their first campus election season amid the recounting and re-postering that signals runoffs for Student Association president and executive vice president. But some first-year students defended the SA and the political nature of election season. “These candidates say things to make it look pretty but none of it ever gets […]

20 Dates: Looking for love in all the wrong places?

What is more familiar to college students than looking for love? 20 Dates (Fox Searchlight) follows Myles Berkowitz (playing himself) in his quest for romance. But his search is more complicated than most. As he looks for love, he also is trying to make a movie. But there’s more. Myles lacks dating skills and a […]

Go to class? Not a snowball’s chance

Students threw snowballs and celebrated canceled midterms Tuesday afternoon as an unexpectedly heavy snowfall prompted the University to shut down for the first time in three years. GW canceled classes at 3 p.m. Tuesday because of inclement weather; the University reopened at 10 a.m. Wednesday. “We’re getting attacked by snowball hooligans,” freshman Jordan Paul said. […]

Loaded Guns

What happens when you mix several amateur tough guys from London’s East End, a duffel bag packed with ?500,000 (about $800,000) and a few firearms? Mass confusion, which writer/director Guy Ritchie aptly demonstrates in his first feature film comedy, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Gramercy). The film opens with a shot of London’s ashen […]

Student’s search for a pen leads to `real world’ vacation

This is the true story of eight strangers chosen to go on a trip. And GW student Greg Olson will personally find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being themselves as he takes an all expenses-paid trip to Milan, Italy, this weekend. The catch? The eight college students must find clues […]

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GW finds asbestos in Marvin Center

Asbestos removal in the Marvin Center may further delay renovations to the building, Marvin Center Governing Board Chair Mike Petron said. Asbestos, a group of natural mineral fibers known for its strength and fire-resistant properties, was used widely in the past for thermal insulation and fire proofing. But asbestos can damage the respiratory system and […]

Court names observers for SA election recount

The student court appointed three students Wednesday to act as independent observers for the recount of the Student Association presidential election ballots. Joint Elections Committee members said they planned to start the recount Wednesday night, with Cooper Deerwester, Andrew Sisk and former SA President Damian McKenna in attendance. The JEC had not determined the procedures […]

SA to review charter for split referendum

The Student Association Senate unanimously passed a bill Wednesday to create a special commission to examine changing the SA constitution to split the SA into separate bodies for graduate and undergraduate students. The piece of legislation was a result of last week’s passage last week of a referendum supporting the idea of separate legislatures. “The […]

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