February 22, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 50

Stories from the February 22, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Celebrating Holi – the festival of colors

The festival of Holi (pronounced “Holy”), also called the festival of colors, celebrates the coming of spring in the northern regions of India. As the stark branches and barren fields of winter months give way to budding leaves and blossoming flowers, people try to match the riot of colors unleashed by nature. The present form […]

Collective Soul keeps sound, changes look

If you compare the five members of Collective Soul from its last tour and the guys promoting the band’s new album, it looks like someone told them to get a makeover. But appearance aside, Collective Soul is still the same band that is arguably the most popular modern rock group of the ’90s. After releasing […]

Missing the positive side of the SA

My compliments to the editors of The GW Hatchet for amusing us all once again with their attempt to act like a real newspaper. While it failed, as usual, it did provide another glimpse into the “ivory tower” mentality that now seems to dominate The Hatchet. First off, I will gladly confess to being the […]

Getting serious about defense spending

After years of criticism – mostly from the right – that President Clinton had allowed the U.S. military to deteriorate like the hollow forces of the 1970s, he finally gave in. Or that is what he would like the public to believe. During his State of the Union address in January, he said, “It is […]

The misery of the housing lottery

After Colonial Inauguration last year, I determined that the single most frustrating experience of my life was telephone registration for classes. I was at the fifth CI and spent about three hours on the phone only to hear that scary, horrifyingly frightening woman tell me that the classes I wanted were closed. Later, the mere […]

JEC takes six SA candidates off ballot

Six candidates plan to request an injunction Monday in student court after the Joint Elections Committee removed them from the ballot for not attending a mandatory candidates’ meeting last week. But the JEC members and candidates involved in the case offer varying versions of the events surrounding the election’s first major conflict. Jeff Marootian, acting […]

Worth a try – Staff editorial

Dartmouth College’s Board of Trustees decided last week to end the college’s 150-year-old single-sex fraternity and sorority system. Dartmouth President James Wright said the trustees’ decision will end the Greek-letter system “as we know it” and the college is prepared to spend tens of millions of dollars to implement its decision. The decision is a […]

PB exposes students to adult film

It was not Shakespeare or Spielberg. But the film’s title, Juranal Park, certainly rang a bell. And the 18-and-older crowd filled the Marvin Center ballroom Thursday night for Program Board’s showing of “XXX Adult Entertainment.” “We show a variety of films to meet a variety of students’ needs,” said PB Films Chair Ian Zeitzer. “It’s […]

Finally, some ethics – Staff editorial

Juanita Broaddrick is known as “Jane Doe No. 5.” She has been for quite a while. And although the public barely knows who she is, she comes with a story that is as explosive as it is unproven. Broaddrick claims that in 1978, then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in a hotel room. […]

Slow-moving lottery lasts 12 hours

After months of policy revisions, weeks of publicity and a day of pandemonium, the annual on-campus housing lottery ended Saturday in the Marvin Center’s Columbian Square at 11 p.m. About 1,500 students who turned in their intent-to-return forms chose their future rooms at the lottery, said Mark Levine, assistant dean of students. Levine said he […]