February 18, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 49

Stories from the February 18, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Food for Thought

On the first day, Bob Ferrando walked into the restaurant he bought on the west end of Dupont Circle and turned on the air conditioning system. It blew up. Without air conditioning, Ferrando’s new building was an inferno. With the help of his physicist brother, he began to rebuild the system. A 100-pound rotor, melted […]

Senate rejects finance reform legislation

The Student Association Senate quashed a bill intended to reform the SA funding process at its meeting Tuesday night. The bill would have broken the allocation fund into four separate funds for graduate student groups, undergraduate student groups, special funds and the executive budget. According to the legislation, 25 percent of the money would have […]

Generic Theatre production combines humor and absurdity

Generic Theatre returns to the stage Thursday with its production of Edward Albee’s The American Dream. During the 1960s, The Theater of the Absurd, with roots in European theater, became popular in the United States, attracting writers such as Albee. Absurdist theater tinkers with the standard logical formula for drama. It concentrates on the absurdity […]

Alumnus makes `Most’ of crime reporting

GW alumnus Doug Most said he is “floating on a cloud” after being tapped 1998 Journalist of the Year in New Jersey and publishing his first book. Most’s book, Always in Our Hearts, tells the story of Amy Grossberg and Brian Peterson, a teenage couple from northern New Jersey who killed their newborn son and […]

Classified 2/18/99

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PB plans for Spring Fling after facing financial troubles

The Program Board’s traditional line-up of spring semester programming should proceed as usual, PB Executive Chair Brian Nathanson said, quelling rumors that the organization would be forced to cancel events to make up for a $45,000 loss on its Blues Traveler concert Nov. 18. “(PB) actually did a pretty good job keeping costs down for […]

SA member takes senators to court

The Student Association Student Court has agreed to hear a case this week that may affect the way students are represented in the SA Senate. S.M. “Skip” Oliva, an officer with the SA Senate, filed a complaint Monday against three SA officials, the Senate and the Joint Elections Committee. He said the current election system […]

Rallying to correct an injustice

It was more than 35 years ago that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. And how many times since then have we read sentimental opinion pieces about it? All of us know that the fight waged by the civil rights activists of the 1960s was hurt by the murder of […]

Privatization will not aid security

Why does America need to strengthen Social Security? The answer is simple: For nearly half of Americans, Social Security is the only pension they have. The program has worked to relieve poverty among the old, disabled workers, women and minorities. It prevents social inequality among the rich and poor. For young families, it prevents their […]

Satanic Verses and modern England

I recently read Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses to find out why it is controversial. Rushdie’s notoriety as a writer is probably due in large part to the issue of a fatwah by the Ayatollah Khomenei of Iran in 1989 for writing the novel. The book is purported by some to defame the Prophet Mohammed […]