February 8, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 46

Stories from the February 8, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Free speech, misunderstood speech and my election-time speech

This diatribe will focus on three things: a national issue – the $107 million fine against an antiabortion group that ran a Web site called the Nuremberg Files; and two local issues – the now-famous “niggardly” comments and the soon-to-begin Student Association elections. Take a deep breath and let’s begin. The Nuremberg nuts The Feb. […]

Finding the truth – Staff editorial

In Illinois last week, Anthony Porter – who has been on death row for 16 years – was released from prison after Northwestern University journalism students discovered another man had committed the crimes. The students were investigating the evidence surrounding a 1982 double homicide trial as part of a Northwestern class. In an era of […]

Getting the facts on the lottery

With the housing lottery slated for Feb. 20, many questions, comments and concerns about housing options have arisen. We, the representatives of the Residence Hall Association, would like to address and clarify these issues for the student body. In response to the statement “GW is one school and it should only have one set of […]

Sugar Ray’s second release sours with unoriginality

Name your new album 14:59 (Atlantic) and your cheeky, self-deprecating prophecy just might ring true. The brazen title of Sugar Ray’s third full-length album only confirms the inevitable: This California fivesome’s 15 minutes of fame are about one second from expiring, and its album title isn’t half as clever as it thinks it is. That […]

Letters to the Editor

From the homefront I should first of all thank GW for the opportunity it has given to my son to attend this great institution. The experience has been enjoyable and a learning experience for me also. Just for the record, it was a no-brainer to budget the $300 for the residence hall lottery. The balance […]

Swingers – A photo essay

Swing is all the rage, and it’s catching on at GW. Students dug out their saddle shoes, wingtips and zoot suits to boogie to the tunes of King James and the Serfs of Swing Friday night at J Street. Freshman Huey Pham and senior Ann Amarga (top) strut their stuff on the makeshift dance floor. […]

Students decry change in ESIA graduation

Commencement organizers’ recent announcement that the Elliott School of International Affair’s graduation will be held Friday night instead of Saturday has caused frustration among some graduating students and their families. ESIA students who will graduate in May were notified of the change in the ceremony date via e-mail Jan. 28 by Edward McCord, ESIA assistant […]

Crying wolf – Staff editorial

In life, the saying goes, the only things that are certain are death and taxes. And yearly tuition increases at colleges and universities. With that in mind, several Student Association leaders are planning to hold an anti-tuition rally Monday with the theme “$21,625 is too much.” While it is always refreshing to see activism on […]

GW Virginia campus may house TWA wreckage

The wreckage of TWA Flight 800 could move to GW’s Virginia campus in a partnership with the National Transportation Safety Board. If GW is selected and the plan receives congressional approval, NTSB would give GW $15 million to $30 million for construction of a facility that could include classrooms, offices, laboratories and a hangar for […]

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