January 28, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 43

Stories from the January 28, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Faculty scholars showcase talent

GW professors, students and community members came together for a day of learning and interaction at the third annual 1999 Scholars Showcase in the Marvin Center Tuesday. During the day, Stage and Screen events in the Betts Theatre ran concurrently with Programs and Panels on the fourth floor and the Scholars Expo in the Continental […]

SA members weigh advantages of split

With the Student Association pondering whether to separate graduate students from undergraduates, many SA members are optimistic that the split will leave both constituencies stronger. “It will form a more perfect SA,” said Jesse Strauss, SA executive vice president. “It has been functioning intermittently well for the last 20 years. We’re trying to create a […]

GW debugs computers against Y2K glitches

The University’s Year 2000 Project committee, created to handle the computer glitch that may disable some computer functions in the year 2000, has stepped up its efforts to comply with a Department of Education ruling. The University installed Banner 3.0, software designed to debug computer software for 750 universities and colleges around the nation, to […]

Court to hear faculty age-discrimination suit

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday it will decide whether faculty members at public universities can sue in federal court under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. The court announced that Kimel vs. State of Florida Board of Regents will appear on its March or April calendar. Last year, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of […]

GW reconsiders housing policy

No matter how high their lottery numbers, Foggy Bottom students will not live at GW’s Mount Vernon campus if they would rather stay in the heart of D.C. Addressing the Residence Hall Association at a meeting Monday, RHA President Justin Lavella confirmed a new housing policy that will guarantee students from the Foggy Bottom campus […]

News Briefs

Flu epidemic hits GW Student Health has noticed a 20 percent increase in the number of patients this flu season, said Susan Haney, outreach coordinator for Student Health Services. She said more than 100 students have been diagnosed with flu symptoms and many of them had influenza A or “true flu,” which could have been […]

Sharing the responsibility for death

(U-WIRE) LINCOLN, Neb. – It would have been one day until someone – one man or woman – would have been physically responsible for the death of Randy Reeves. Only one anonymous correctional worker would have flipped the switch that would have sent the electricity through Reeves’ body to execute him for the murders he […]

JEC members finalize election procedures

The Joint Elections Committee continues to take shape as members determine the logistics for voting at the Mount Vernon campus. JEC Chair Kevin Burkett said a polling station at the Mount Vernon campus will be open during lunch and dinner hours during March’s campus election. Paper ballots will be used instead of the voting boothes […]

Making your voice heard in your community

Last November, GW students achieved a great victory as they journeyed to the polls to take part in the electoral process in the District of Columbia. Students showed elected officials throughout the city that they must consider the views of students as important if they are to keep their positions. Students will be even more […]

Group accuses colleges of illegal admissions

A conservative public policy group has launched an advertising campaign this week in college newspapers that claims some major universities illegally use racial preference in admissions. The ad, which appears in The GW Hatchet and 14 other college newspapers, is sponsored by the Washington-based Center for Individual Rights and claims colleges are “Guilty by Admission” […]