January 28, 1999

Volume 95, Issue 43

Stories from the January 28, 1999 issue of the GW Hatchet.

By the Numbers: Washington

69% approve Clinton’s job as president29% disapprove 40% have a positive view of Clinton as a person53% had a negative view 16% said they would be more likely to vote for their senator in the next election if he/she voted to convict Clinton31% said they would be less likely to vote for them51% said it […]

New rooms give musicians a virtual sound experience

Susan Bender, a professor of voice in GW’s music department, joked about the introduction of the “V” room, describing it as “a neat little gizmo that the University spent a ton of money on.” She said she is excited about the “V” room, a new practice area that provides a virtual environment for musicians. The […]

Lacking clarity – Staff editorial

In the latest instance of GW miscommunication, students who thought they had enrolled in classes held in the Academic Center realized at the beginning of the semester that the classes actually were scheduled for the Mount Vernon campus. Students must have found themselves in quite a predicament – how would they get from a class […]

Politics stops by the water’s edge

While I agree with some of the policy substance, I was quite disturbed by the implications of Brandon Wales’ op-ed “Save the Iraqi people, not Clinton’s presidency” (p. 5) in the Jan. 25 issue. He, like some Capitol Hill Republicans, had the audacity to suggest that the timing of President Clinton’s military operations is politically […]

Upcoming Games

G-gymnasticsMBB-men’s basketballWBB-women’s basketballSD-swimming and divingMT-men’s tennisWT-women’s tennis Thursday: MBB vs. Duquesne-7:30 p.m.WBB at La Salle-7 p.m. Friday: G at Kentucky, vs. N.C. State-7:30 p.m.MT at JMU-4 p.m. WT at Cornell Invitational Saturday: SD vs. UMBC-11 a.m.WT at Cornell Invitational Sunday: MBB vs. Fordham-2 p.m.WBB at N.C. State-2 p.m.WT at Cornell Invitational

Letters to the Editor

Simple solution While every student at GW is up in arms about juniors being forced to join the meal plan – and it is obvious the GW administration does not want to lose money that they would have made from meals – I can only see one clear solution: expand the MC Store. Changing the […]

GW basketball and Playstation make strange bedfellows

Being the editor of a college newspaper’s sports section has its perks. The biggest one, of course, is that I have a courtside seat at every basketball game. I can even be late and my seat is still there. If I get to the game early, it’s usually only so I can swipe a few […]

Iraq is problem for world, not just U.S.

Brandon Wales’ op-ed (“Save the Iraqi people, not Clinton’s presidency,” Jan. 25, p. 5) is full of misrepresentations of facts and fallacies in logic in terms of the current Iraqi situation. In terms of misrepresenting facts, saying Clinton “barely tolerates the continued presence of America’s armed forces” is ridiculous. Just last week Clinton called for […]

Youth leads Colonial gymnastics in 1999

The 1999 GW women’s gymnastics team could be summed up with one word – youth. Never have the team’s prospects rested so heavily on such young shoulders. Overall, five of the team’s 13 gymnasts are freshmen and six are sophomores. However, GW gymnastics head coach Margie Foster-Cunningham does not foresee the lack of experience causing […]

Staying separate – Staff editorial

Two GW students are trying to get the American Civil Liberties Union into their corner as they gear up for a battle with the University over its housing policies. The University prohibits cohabitation – opposite-sex roommates – in its residence halls. The two freshmen are against the policy and want to see it changed. While […]