November 19, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 33

Stories from the November 19, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

In search of campus activism

Have we run out of things to fight for? My first three years at GW were marked by impassioned, united battles (impassioned and united by GW standards, anyway), but it seems that this year, the charge-ahead spirit that traditionally colors college life is missing. Not that our battles always have been big ones. There was […]

Home Fries – too complicated to be a true Drew flick

You want to like it. You try to like it. Drew Barrymore is lovable and Luke Wilson is good-looking, but you really can’t find something, anything, that bumps Home Fries (Warner Bros.) into the category of likable films. The previews highlight an adorable budding romance between Sally (Barrymore, Ever After) and Dorian (Wilson, Bottle Rocket). […]

Democracy silenced

On Nov. 3, millions of Americans went to the polls and exercised one of their most basic rights as citizens – the right to vote. However, while voters in the 50 states were able to have their voices heard, voters in our nation’s capital were not so fortunate. Their voices were silenced days before the […]

Looking for GW’s past

I do not agree with some of the comments made by GW alumnus Brendan O’Malley in his Nov. 12 letter to the editor (“Not gonna happen,” p. 4). GW was not “mainly a commuter school up until 15 years ago.” The residence hall system has grown substantially on campus over the past four decades. There […]

Student petition criticizes GW Hillel

A GW graduate student who says he is concerned that Hillel’s administration negatively affects attendance at Hillel programs is circulating a petition to urge a review of the center’s policies. The petition was circulated via e-mail by graduate student Marc Rosenberg, who said Jewish students have a general sense of apathy toward the programs Hillel […]

Pinochet case is about search for justice

This piece is in response to Mark Richman’s Nov. 9 op-ed “Gen. Pinochet and the hypocrisy of his arrest,” (p. 5). I lived my whole life in Argentina, which includes the period between 1976 and 1983 when we had the last military government – the same type of dictatorship that emerged all over Latin America, […]

GW works to help local homeless

GW and other universities around the country participated last week in Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, an annual event held the week before Thanksgiving to educate students about the problems that plague Americans who have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. The goal of the program is to mobilize students to take action. Each […]

A plethora of possible flicks inspired by old television shows

(U-WIRE) BOSTON, Mass. – Hello, goosebumps. Oh man, can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement in the air? I’m just as giddy as a midget dreaming of a vacation in Oz. Those of you who also went to the movie theaters this past weekend feel the same bliss that’s tickling my every nerve. […]

GW women win despite injuries

As impressive as the GW women’s basketball team’s 72-54 victory over Georgetown University was Monday, even more amazing is that GW registered a double-digit victory without four of its top players in the rotation. Center Khadija Deas, forward Noelia Gomez, and guards Kristeena Alexander and Marlo Egleston all missed the first game of the season. […]