November 5, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 29

Stories from the November 5, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Freshmen key to GW in 1998, and in future

One is a “cheese head” from Wisconsin. The other was born and raised in the West Indies. So, what do Jason Holloway and Kali Hislop have in common? They were both freshman starters for the GW men’s soccer team this season. Both had strong seasons and become leaders in their respective positions. Despite a final […]

Death penalty and truth

Have we completely lost our ability to differentiate between right and wrong? It appears all too clear that we have, as GW was once again host to a forum that sought to make a hero out of a cold-blooded murderer. Last week, the GW Campaign to End the Death Penalty and the International Socialists organized […]

GW athletics seeks approval from NCAA

University subcommittees charged with reviewing GW’s athletic department presented their recommendations for changes at four sparsely attended meetings last week. The self-study is part of the University’s effort to gain NCAA certification, which is necessary for GW’s teams to compete in NCAA athletics. The NCAA requires all schools to conduct a self-study every 10 years […]

Searching for a purpose

The Student Association constitution proclaims that every GW student is a member of the SA. Yet the constitution is made of words – words that do not compare to the actions thousands of students take through their membership in at least one of the nearly 250 student organizations on campus. Perhaps SA membership is somewhat […]

Carmen Linares brings flamenco to Lisner stage

Federico Garcia Lorca forever will be known as Spain’s greatest 20th century poet, the voice of a generation and an avid aficionado of flamenco. Carmen Linares, a modern cantaora (flamenco singer), is an international star of the stage, considered by some as the best contemporary flamenco singer in the world. Linares performs at Lisner Auditorium […]

Iraqi impunity – Staff editorial

For quite some time, Iraq has failed to live up to its agreement with the United Nations to destroy its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs. Last week, Saddam Hussein announced he would prohibit U.N. inspectors from carrying out scheduled visits to suspected illegal Iraqi weapons sites. The credibility of both the United Nations and […]

Living Out Loud explores love and life after marriage

Living Out Loud (New Line Cinema) adds new meaning to the notion of the stereotypical “chick flick.” Starring Academy Award winner Holly Hunter(The Piano) and Danny DeVito (LA Confidential), the movie offers a fresh view of life in the never-ending search for love and happiness. Hunter portrays Judith Nelson, the wife of a wealthy Manhattan […]

A new dawn? – Staff editorial

With the results of Tuesday’s election in, two important figures that loomed over the District of Columbia through some of its darkest hours have passed from the scene. Sen. Lauch Faircloth (R-N.C.) was defeated in a close election, and Mayor Marion Barry (D) chose not to run for another term. Faircloth was chair of the […]

Elections bring promise and problems

Thurston Hall residents who voted in Tuesday’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission election may have been given ballots for the wrong single-member district, said ANC candidates and GW Votes Director Adam Siple. Ed Meinert, a student who ran for ANC single-member district 2A05, which he said includes Thurston Hall, said he is contesting the election. Meinert lost […]

GW set to battle for A-10 title

In each of the last five years, the GW women’s soccer team has run into a roadblock at the Atlantic 10 Tournament. The Colonial women have lost to Massachusetts – the conference’s defending champion – in the last five A-10 tournaments. But this may be the year GW could either break through the roadblock or […]