October 5, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 19

Stories from the October 5, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Life as we know it + Y2K=disaster

So here we are, a mere 15 months away from the end of the world. Kinda puts this whole “working your ass off to get A’s and succeed in life after college” thing into perspective, eh? I mean, who cares? We’re all gonna die! Live for today! Put down that stupid book, dude. Use double […]

Letters to the Editor

Misguided efforts Let’s face it, we’re going to drink. We’re going to go to out with our friends and drink. This is a fact of college life. Whether GW believes it or not, drinking is going to occur on our campus and on every other campus in the country. Since the beginning of the semester, […]

SA actively represents students

In the Oct. 1 issue of The GW Hatchet, Jason Haber asked, “What does the Student Association do?” (“Where’s the SA Senate?” p. 5). The answer is as simple as the question. The SA is the only group on campus that represents every single GW student. It is the only organization that brings together the […]

Education bill steps up campus crime reporting

GW’s methods for reporting campus crimes surpass the standards laid out in higher education legislation passed on Capitol Hill last week, University Police Director Dolores Stafford said. Both houses of Congress approved the Higher Education Reauthorization Act, calling for expanded reporting of campus crime information and increased punishment for students caught selling or possessing drugs. […]

MVC is the place to be

Here is a view from “the other side of the desk” in response to Stefanie Greenberg’s op-ed on the Mount Vernon experience (“Mount Vernon is not much of an option,” Oct. 1, p. 4). I have been a faculty member at GW for 20 years and this semester, I’m teaching a section of introductory geology […]

GW misses deadline on postering kiosks

The University has not fulfilled its promise to provide more spots on campus for student organizations to advertise their events, Student Association President Carrie Potter said. Last summer, a committee of student activities representatives and facilities department officials agreed that the installation of kiosks at several locations on campus would give groups space to put […]

Virginia politics and lots of easy money

(U-WIRE) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – In the past few days, Gov. James S. Gilmore III has received quite a bit of flack for taking time to fatten the Republican Party’s campaign treasure chest. Gilmore, some Democrats claim, should not be using his office’s bully pulpit to advance his own partisan concerns. They also argue, conveniently, that […]

Auction raises funds for cancer research

GW Greek-letter organizations joined together to raise money for cancer research Thursday night at the First Annual Greek Week Date Auction. Twenty fraternity and sorority members and Student Association President Carrie Potter – the only non-Greek-letter community member to participate – were auctioned at J Street. Proceeds went to St. Jude’s Hospital for Cancer Research. […]

Parental notification – Staff editorial

President Clinton is poised to sign into law a bill that could affect millions of college students across the country. The legislation, an amendment to the Higher Education Reauthorization Act, would allow – but not require – colleges to inform parents if their children violate university alcohol and drug policies or local laws. GW has […]