October 1, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 18

Stories from the October 1, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW beats Washington State, earns third straight victory

When it rains it pours for this year’s GW women’s soccer team. After losing six straight matches to start the season, the Colonial women have won three straight matches after a 2-1 victory over Washington State Monday at South Riding Field. The game-winning goal for GW came from junior Katy McQuillin in the 77th minute. […]

Where’s the SA Senate?

I recently stopped by the Student Association office to pick up the minutes of a Senate meeting. Reading the minutes only confirmed my thinking – the Senate is out of focus. It got off to a poor start when two members left this summer and transferred to Georgetown University. What does it say about GW […]

Sports briefs

Women’s basketball faces tough schedule The GW women’s basketball schedule for 1998-’99 was released Sept. 24. The Colonial women may face as many as 11 teams that made the postseason last year. GW will play six or possibly seven NCAA Tournament teams, including the University of Arkansas and North Carolina State University, both Final Four […]

Double jeopardy? – Staff editorial

The number of GW students who have gotten into various kinds of trouble because of alcohol seems to have risen to unprecedented levels this year. From fraternity parties that serve alcohol in violation of University regulations to freshmen who go off campus to drink themselves into life-threatening stupors, the run-ins with alcohol seem to be […]

Sappy storyline makes Dreams a nightmare

One critic quoted in advertisements for What Dreams May Come (PolyGram Films) hails the film as “a masterpiece.” But when an all-star cast and $75 million in stellar special effects cannot salvage a corny premise and a poorly devised plot, the movie hardly can be touted as a masterpiece. What Dreams May Come is nothing […]

Open market – Staff editorial

Imagine the day when students can walk into the GW Bookstore and not be shocked by the prices they must pay for textbooks, supplies and GW merchandise. If Sen. Lauch Faircloth (R-N.C.) gets his way, college campuses across the country will be forced to end monopolistic business practices that restrict students’ buying options. How can […]

SA EVP asks for `a more honest fee’

Student Association Executive Vice President Jesse Strauss recommended to administrators Monday changes to GW’s system of allocating portions of the University fee. But administrators said the proposal may not offer a better option than the existing system of channeling money. The proposal’s credibility may be at stake because it was included in letters sent directly […]

Upcoming Games

CC-cross countryG-golfMS-men’s soccerWS-women’s soccerWVB-women’s volleyball Thursday: no games scheduled Friday: MS at Fordham-3 p.m.WS vs. Fordham-4 p.m.WVB vs. UMass-7:30 p.m.G at St. John’s Invit. Saturday: WVB vs. URI-5 p.m.CC at Richmond meet-10:15 a.m.G at St. John’s Invit. Sunday: MS at La Salle-1 p.m.WS vs. La Salle-1 p.m.G at St. Bonnie’s Invit.

GW tackles recent rash of binge drinking

After a string of underage drinking arrests and alcohol-related hospitalizations, the GW administration is ratcheting up its responsible drinking campaign to head off serious injury or even fatalities. The recent alcohol-related incidents at GW are underscored by a recently released survey conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. In it, medical researchers detailed what […]

It’s a nice thought, but football wouldn’t work at GW

It has come to my attention that GW sports fans can’t wait for basketball season to start, which is pretty pathetic considering it’s only the first week of October. Some poor lost soul even e-mailed The GW Hatchet last week, telling us we should have a basketball preview section soon. By the way, look for […]