September 28, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 17

Stories from the September 28, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

University confronts underage drinking

Despite a string of alcohol-related incidents this semester, the 15 percent of GW students who actually binge drink is well below the national average of 42 percent, said Dana Henderson, manager of GW’s Substance Abuse Prevention Center. Henderson, who officially resigned from the center Friday to pursue a consulting job, said the center has recently […]

News Briefs

Student Health Services warns of bronchitis infection Bronchitis is spreading through campus this fall, Student Health Services officials said. The number of cases is usually high when students return to school, said Student Health Services Director Isabel Goldenberg. “We always feel that September is busy,” Goldenberg said. “We compare notes with other universities through an […]

Pondering some classroom behavior

Last year around this time, I had just gotten to the point where I could go to all of my classes without consulting my little GWizard printout. I’ve come a long way since then. Last year around this time, I also was doing a lot of reading. As a matter of fact, first semester, I […]

Fighting terror with terror is wrong

While the bombings in Africa were a horrendous display of terror and malice, the United States’ response was no better. As a superpower, the United States prides itself on defending the weak and helping the oppressed, ideals we support as citizens of this country. However, it seems our leaders and decision-makers think otherwise. Fighting terror […]

Still striving to attain equality for all

(U-WIRE) STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Throughout history, white privilege has allowed black, Hispanic and Native American people and those of other minority groups to gain only “limited acceptance.” White people have greater economic advantages, access to health care and education. An apology for slavery would not be enough to make up for the terrible occurrences. […]

Murder in Kosovo – Staff editorial

“Never again!” That was the phrase used throughout the world after World War II in reference to a horrendous act of state-sponsored genocide – the Holocaust. But while people declared that never again would the world watch passively as thousands or millions of people were murdered, that ideal has been discarded time and time again. […]

MC grumblings – Staff editorial

After years of discussion and inaction, the Marvin Center is finally being renovated. The Marvin Center is supposed to be the student union, but if the current renovation plans go through, student groups will have only portions of the building’s fourth floor to call their own. Relegating student groups to a single floor while the […]

Going all-out to bring you the truth about meals and points

“Points?” scowled the hair-net lady, swiping my GWorld card through the register at a speed well above the sound barrier. Understandably, I could not respond in time to save my precious flex-points from oblivion. “I wanted to use a meal!” I stated emphatically as she attempted to pass my card back to me. “It’s too […]

Cross Country Results

The GW Invitational GW men’s runners in the top 40(Winning time: 24:55.50) Jeff McCarthy13th26:56.71 Chris Peterson15th27:02.49 Daniel Uriano19th27:16.00 Geoff Craig21st27:21.37 Mike Donaldson26th27:42.99 Bradly Groff32nd28:05.40 Nathan Converse35th28:12.18 Christian DeLuke40th28:23.44 Women’s results were not official.

Upcoming Games

WS-women’s soccer Monday: WS vs. Wash. St.-11 a.m. Tuesday: no games scheduled Wednesday: no games scheduled Thursday: no games scheduled