September 21, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 15

Stories from the September 21, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

CIRC implements student suggestions

The Computer Information and Resource Center Advisory Board held its first meeting last Tuesday in an attempt to address CIRC-related issues facing GW students. The advisory board, a group of 25 students selected through faculty and student recommendations and CIRC officials, was created this summer as a forum for student input about the University computer […]

Some possible grad fee compromises

As a doctoral student and a graduate senator in the Student Association, I have been impressed by the response to recent publicity of the new fees being charged to doctoral and master’s students who are completing their dissertations and theses (“Ph.D. students fight CSAS fee increase,” Aug. 31, p. 1, and “Grad fee solution,” Sept. […]

News briefs

GW Korean group reaches out to community GW’s Korean American Student Association will organize a mentorship program and U.S. citizenship drive this fall. The mentoring and tutoring program pairs up about 20 Korean-American high schoolers with members of KASA and the Korean-American Alliance, a Korean interest group. “What we want to do is develop a […]

The death of a child

Imagine how you would feel if you found out someone in class with you played a part in the murder of a seven-year-old. At the University of California at Berkeley, students are experiencing just that. On May 25, 1997, Jeremy Strohmeyer, an 18-year-old from suburban Long Beach, Calif., befriended seven-year-old Sherrice Iverson at the Prima […]

Road trips and the rules of “shotgun”

The road trip. That glorious tradition that allows us to emancipate ourselves from the regularity of where we stand. Can there be anything more important to one’s mental health than the ability to get the hell out of Dodge every once in a while? But a road trip is nothing without a few close, insane […]

New look for Gelman – Staff editorial

For most students, college libraries conjure up images of stuffy places with bad lighting; old, rarely-used books; solitary students studying religiously and ever-present old ladies shushing anyone who raises his voice above a whisper. At GW, that view is as outdated as the card catalog. After numerous improvements, Gelman Library stands alongside Ivy League-level schools […]

Letters to the Editor

GW ironies I recently read two articles in the Sept. 10 issue of The GW Hatchet. I don’t know if it was done purposely, but an article about Gelman (“SA proposes extended hours at Gelman,” p. 10) and another article about the GW renovations (“Campus renovation enters final phase”) were on the same page, right […]

Upcoming Games

WVB-women’s volleyball Monday: no games scheduled Tuesday: no games scheduled Wednesday: WVB vs. Fordham-5 p.m. Thursday: no games scheduled

Minimum wage harms the economy

In the Sept. 14 issue of The Hatchet, an op-ed entitled “Fighting so that no one is left behind” was published. The piece’s author calls on students to support a proposed increase in the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $5.65 an hour. While increasing the minimum wage often is politically popular, it is […]

Baseball’s storybook season deserves a fairy tale ending

The opening acts of one of sports’ most intriguing dramas are now over. All that remains is the final scene. The 1998 Major League Baseball season already will go down in the annals of history as one of the most memorable seasons on record. Few people soon will forget watching game by game as the […]