September 8, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 11

Stories from the September 8, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Avengers soundtrack wastes listeners’ time and money

Movies are no longer complete without an accompanying soundtrack. And lately, the soundtracks boast music that lacks any redeeming quality, as companies strive to make another dollar off the film. The Avengers Soundtrack is no different. With a techno theme, The Avengers Soundtrack is a collection of throw-away songs that waste the listener’s time and […]

GW Votes attempts to register 500 students

GW Votes will host a rally and volunteer effort Tuesday in an attempt to register 500 students to vote in the District in one night, campaign director Adam Siple said. The event – GW 500 – will kick off this year’s effort to involve more students in local city politics. “Here you are, one big […]

Album honors jazz icon

A successful jazz musician needs to have an extraordinary amount of talent. An outstanding jazz musician needs to have the talent but also needs to play with a remarkable amount of passion and flair. Miles Davis had something more than just talent, passion and flair – something that made the encapsulating screams of that trumpet […]

Alumni office builds ties to current students

The new Student-Alumni Society, a branch of the University’s Office of Alumni Relations, will play a proactive role in the GW community this year, the group’s leaders said. Formerly known as the Colonial Ambassadors, the organization wants to develop stronger relationships between current students, alumni and the GW community. In early August, Keith Betts, executive […]

Moxy Fruvous shows unique blend of style

Few adjectives can really describe Moxy Fruvous – one can throw words at the band all day long and not one will stick. Moxy Fruvous is not just another step in the evolution of popular music – the band has risen above the rest of the industry. Any band that can successfully synthesize the emotions […]

Burger King delivers more choices and longer lines

The newly opened on-campus Burger King continues to get high marks from students and administrators despite a few kinks since its opening Aug. 31. “It’s good to have more choices,” sophomore Brandi Darden said. “Everyone seems to like it here, as seen by the long line. It moves more quickly then you’d think.” “It’s nice […]

`Flower power’ is gone, but student activism still flourishes

The year was 1970. Around the nation, student activism was at its apex, and in Washington, D.C., GW was a hotbed of demonstration and discord. In a Feb. 21 special edition, The GW Hatchet reported: “Rocks, clubs and gas filled the air yesterday as the GW campus became a battleground between police and hundreds of […]

Beanie Babies ain’t got no soul

So here’s the deal – I can’t sleep. I am one of those people commonly referred to as “night owls” or “serial killers” who roam the streets at night looking for others who suffer from my condition. OK, so I don’t roam the streets . anymore . as much. Heh eh . hmmm. Anyway, this […]

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Book Exchange saves students money

In the first two weeks of school, students have seen improvements in the way our campus operates. Dining Services has made a strong attempt to improve the food options at J Street, the Department of Athletics has introduced a rock-climbing wall and other innovations at the Smith Center, and the Columbian School has revamped the […]