September 8, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 11

Stories from the September 8, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Join GW Votes

Tuesday night at 7 p.m. on the Quad, the GW 500 will put into effect a campaign unlike any other in the history of The George Washington University. For the first time, students will undertake a large-scale effort to register fellow students to vote in the District of Columbia. But the vision of the two-month […]

Letters to the Editor

Fat foodI read with great disdain your front page article announcing the arrival of Burger King at J Street (Sept. 3). I especially take issue with what Chris Voss (no relation), chair of the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission, said about Burger King providing “good food.” Fast food giants such as Burger King do not […]


Results of a survey of 600 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17: 74 percent can name the vice president of the United States. 90 percent can name the male star of the movie Titanic. 21 percent know how many seats are in the U.S. Senate. 81 percent know how many brothers are in […]

Mayoral Dud – Staff Editorial

GW hosted a debate last week for the five candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the D.C. mayoral race. The forum was billed as an event for students, by students and about students’ issues and concerns. Instead, the event was taken over by University administrators to showcase GW. The debate turned into a muddled […]

Chasing Maris – Staff Editorial

The chase to break Roger Maris’ 1961 Major League Baseball record of 61 home runs in a single season has drawn people together regardless of their personal interest in the game. It seems each time Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa is up at bat, everything comes to a stop and people gather around the television […]

Upcoming Games

MS-men’s soccer WS-women’s soccer WVB-women’s volleyball * Old Dominion/Stihl Classic Tuesday: no games scheduled Wednesday: MS vs. George Mason-1:30 p.m. WS vs. George Mason-4 p.m. Thursday: no games scheduled Friday: WVB vs. WVU-5 p.m. MS at ODU-7:30 p.m.*

Men’s soccer loses to GU

Letting the opposition score in the last minute before halftime is a cardinal sin in soccer. Allowing two goals within 15 seconds of each other in the game’s 45th minute is almost beyond belief. Yet, Georgetown University’s Eric Kvello almost single-handedly overpowered a young GW men’s soccer team Saturday, scoring twice in the 45th minute […]

GW drops two of three at Sun Devil Challenge

The GW women’s volleyball team lost two of its three matches this weekend at the Phoenix Airport Hilton Sun Devil Challenge in Tempe, Ariz. Led by all-tournament team selection Tai Bethune and junior Theresa Ridder, the Colonial women flew home with a victory against the University of Connecticut. Despite a loss to 16th-ranked Loyola Marymount […]

GW women still winless after pair of road losses

The GW women’s soccer team lost to both Colorado College and the University of Colorado at a tournament in Boulder, Colo., this weekend, dropping to 0-3 on the season. The Colonial women look to end their losing streak Wednesday at 4 p.m. when they face George Mason University at South Riding Field. Colorado 4, GW […]

Avengers soundtrack wastes listeners’ time and money

Movies are no longer complete without an accompanying soundtrack. And lately, the soundtracks boast music that lacks any redeeming quality, as companies strive to make another dollar off the film. The Avengers Soundtrack is no different. With a techno theme, The Avengers Soundtrack is a collection of throw-away songs that waste the listener’s time and […]