August 31, 1998

Volume 95, Issue 9

Stories from the August 31, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Plans for hospital site remain indefinite

GW expects to open the doors to a new hospital in just three years, but GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said it remains unclear what will happen to the site of the current hospital when the new facility opens. “It’s just too soon to tell,” said GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. The University must consider […]

Spirited guitarist cannot save Possum Dixon’s latest album

From the pounding electrical violence of the 47-second instrumental that opens Possum Dixon’s latest release, New Sheets(Interscope Records), listeners know they are in store for something unique. While lead vocalist Rob Zabrecky sounds thin and uninspired, guitarist Celso Chavez shines. Using an array of effects, he delivers a performance unparalleled in recent pop music. Unfortunately, […]

News Briefs

Advisory board hopes to improve CIRC’s accessibility GW’s Computer Information and Research Center is forming an advisory board aimed at reaching out to students. CIRC Assistant Director P.B. Garrett said she is forming the board to solicit input that could make CIRC more accessible. The advisory board members will consist of CIRC staff and students […]

Court favors students who oppose fee allocations

A federal appeals court in Chicago ruled this month in favor of five students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who opposed the use of their mandatory student fee to pay for student activities they were ethically or politically against. A lower court forced the university to stop using student fees to fund organizations such as […]

GW’s assets increase by $62 million

The acquisition of Mount Vernon College and the 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. complex helped boost the University’s assets by $62.3 million dollars in fiscal year 1996, said Don Boselovic, GW’s associate vice president for finance. The University reported $143.8 million in investments in land, buildings and equipment in 1996 on the tax form non-profit organizations such […]

Applebee’s and GW irrationality

While most of you spent your summers working at exciting and interesting internships or backpacking through Europe, I was working as a waitress at Applebee’s, serving chicken finger baskets and riblet platters to the good people of Evans, Ga. I’ve been going to restaurants my entire life and I always meekly ordered off the menu. […]

Ph.D. fee hike infuriates students

We are doctoral candidates at GW and wish to express our concerns about the announced University changes to our registration fees during the Ph.D. dissertation stage. Under the old policy of “continuous enrollment,” GW charged doctoral candidates $35 per semester to stay enrolled in the University after completing the required 72 course hours, but while […]

Letters to the Editor

CDs want you Welcome to GW, home of the largest chapter of the College Democrats of America. That is no accident. GW students care about the issues that America’s Democrats are talking about. We care about affordable college education, a strong economy that promises us jobs and success after college, a Patients’ Bill of Rights […]

GW and alcohol – Staff Editorial

The University planned to hold a Welcome Week event Friday at the Zei Club – a downtown dance club that draws a significant GW crowd most weekends. GW advertised shuttle service from campus to the club, which would have admitted all GW students ages 18 and older for free and served alcohol to those over […]

Doctoral dollars – Staff Editorial

Next year, Columbian School doctoral candidates will see a dramatic increase in the fees they pay to the University. Doctoral candidates usually complete the 72 credit hours of required course work in four years, but it often takes students another four years – sometimes more – to finish their dissertations. Under the old policy, Ph.D. […]