April 6, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 34

Stories from the April 6, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Proof positive GW is headed straight to hell

Well, it’s official. This University is being FedExed to hell. You don’t believe me? I present my case: Exhibit 1: A group is attempting to put together funds to have Marion Barry teach at the consortium of D.C. colleges – including this one. I repeat: Marion Barry might be your teacher. Just picture it. You […]

Public silence over Clinton is shameful

Last Wednesday, Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed Paula Jones’ allegations of sexual harassment against President Clinton. Most legal analysts have agreed with the judge’s rationale that, even if Jones’ allegations are true, she did not suffer a substantial injury due to then-Governor Clinton’s conduct. Although the judge’s decision may be correct based on the current […]

A dream deferred

Thirty years ago, a gunman silenced the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee. In the decades since, people have attempted to gauge America’s progress after days of segregation and freedom marches. Unfortunately, the dream King envisioned of white children and black children playing together happily – oblivious to the differences in their […]

Israel celebrates 50 years

The member organizations of Hillel’s Israel 50th committee are happy to announce to the student community that a myriad of events celebrating the 50th anniversary have been planned for April and early May. This will be a celebration that only a campus like George Washington University could make possible. It will be unique – engaging […]

New logic, but there’s still no God

In reading the opinion piece published in the April 2 issue of The Hatchet, “Injustices proof of no God,” (p.5), I was very disappointed to see that you would choose such a poorly argued article to represent the views of atheists. It seems that you have intentionally included this article so that dozens of theists […]

Letters to the editor

Hatchet: Unfunny I am writing you about the “Screw the Ellipse!” editorial in The Hatchet (April Fool’s Day edition, p.4). I understand that it was April Fool’s Day and the comments made were in jest, but, as a Mount Vernon College student (and soon a George Washington student living at Mount Vernon), I find it […]

New Gelman era

Gelman Library may gain membership in the American Research Library Association, establishing itself as a top research library and joining the ranks of Harvard University and the Library of Congress. This distinction would mark a tremendous turn around for the University and Gelman. Jack Siggins and the folks who run Gelman should be congratulated for […]

Gelman stretches toward top shelf

After a recent visit to Gelman Library, the American Research Library Association will vote in October to determine whether GW’s library is on par with top research facilities. University Librarian Jack Siggins said if and when GW is invited to join the association, it will be a sign of what GW already is – “a […]

Upcoming Games

B-baseballMT-men’s tennisWT-women’s tennis Monday: WT at George Mason-2:30 p.m. Tuesday: B vs. Richmond-3 p.m.MT at Princeton-3 p.m. Wednesday: B at James Madison-3 p.m.WT at American-2:30 p.m. Thursday: MT at Navy-2:30 p.m.

Former Clinton aide to teach at GW

Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, will teach a class on damage control next fall in the School of Media and Public Affairs. Davis oversaw press relations during the campaign finance scandal, and was in charge of releasing potentially damaging information to the media. He appeared on numerous television programs defending the […]