March 26, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 31

Stories from the March 26, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

A plethora of thoughts inspired by Nyquil

WARNING: THIS COLUMN WRITTEN UNDER INFLUENCE OF NYQUIL. Unfortunately, computers don’t qualify as heavy equipment. My name is no longer “Audrey Molina.” Refer to me only as “That Girl Who Writes Those Articles in The Hatchet.” It just seems easier that way for everyone. Ah, if only I could be like Prince – oh, I’m […]

Academy garners respect for Oscars

Maybe the Academy is changing. Maybe it’s going legitimate. Judging by Monday night’s Oscars, it’s on its way. In the past, Oscars have gone to people because they’ve gotten old, they’ve had a hard year, they’re really influential in Hollywood or they always get one. Times have changed. Robin Williams received his first Oscar, along […]

Senate passes student group mid-year allocations

The Student Association Senate passed its mid-year allocations bill at Tuesday’s meeting, legislation that will give student groups a better idea of how much money they have to spend for the rest of the year. The Senate is responsible for dispersing money it receives from student fees to registered student groups. According to SA bylaws, […]

Even with slow plot Long Island succeeds

Love and Death on Long Island (Lions Gate) has little action, very few characters and a slow-to-develop plot. However, its originality, wit and humor make it one of the best films this year. Giles De’Ath (John Hurt, Rob Roy) is a widowed author in England. An aging and lonely man, De’Ath has yet to be […]

ESIA urged to extend curriculum

Students in GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs are calling for additions to the school’s curriculum, appealing for courses that focus on areas of the world they say currently are ignored by the school. But student proposals for the addition of a new concentration may encounter obstacles as existing programs face possible cuts. “I can […]

Southern musical tries to accomplish too much

Kudzu is a fast-growing plant from Japan used for decoration. But it often spreads wildly as a weed over trees and foliage in the South. “Kudzu: A Southern Musical” playing at Ford’s Theatre, is much like the plant – its beauty is obscured as weed. The musical is based on Doug Marlette’s comic strip “Kudzu.” […]

GWorld card program welcomes Steak Around

Steak Around joined the GWorld card program as an off-campus partner this week, making it the first off-campus restaurant to the join the program since the University ironed out glitches with Mick’s Restaurant earlier this semester. The restaurant is connected to the University by modem, a system that will allow Steak Around employees to instantly […]


ARIES (March 22-April 21)You decided spring break was the time to go wild. You went out, partied, got drunk and hooked-up – big time. Now you think that girl/guy is out of your life forever. Think again. GEMINI (May 22-June 21)It’s time you pulled your head out of your ass to realize what is happening. […]

Panelists ponder blacks in GOP

Conservative commentator William F. Buckley debated the Republican party’s representation of African Americans at a taping of PBS’s “Firing Line” on campus Monday, but the discussion quickly turned to the issue of affirmative action. The two-hour debate, which explored the representation of the African-American community by American government, was moderated by Michael Kinsley, who said […]

PB gears up for International Week

In its 177 years as an educational institution in the nation’s capital, GW has become a home away from home to thousands of international students. Of the 19,356 students enrolled at GW, almost 2,500 hail from outside U.S. borders, according to University statistics. Next week, the University will celebrate its diversity with the annual International […]