March 12, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 29

Stories from the March 12, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Potter named first female SA president

“Tell Mom we won!” Carrie Potter, GW’s first female Student Association president, could not hold back tears as she spoke to her sister in Nebraska, minutes after hearing the runoff election results in J Street Wednesday night. “I’m just so happy with everything that has happened,” Potter said. “We did it our way and we […]

Film celebrates older talent

Twilight (Paramount Pictures) is more than just a movie. It is a celebration of an older generation of Hollywood. Paul Newman couldn’t make another Cool Hand Luke or The Hustler, but he fits well in Twilight. Twilight is a mystery in which Harry Ross (Newman) finds himself investigating his friends, a married couple, Jack (Gene […]

Snowed-in senator misses CD meeting

Taking the place of snowed-in Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), a GW law professor spoke Monday of the consequences of tobacco settlements. John Banzhaf, who teaches public interest law, spoke in the Marvin Center Ballroom at an event sponsored by the College Democrats and the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Youth after Durbin’s last-minute cancellation from Chicago. […]


PISCES (Feb. 22-March 21)You failed your art history midterm. Nice job dumb ass. There goes your future, but what are you planning to do with a degree in that anyway? ARIES (March 22-April 21)Stop worrying about what to pack for spring break. It doesn’t matter because you’ll be stuck in your bungalow all week. The […]

Medical school applicants face fierce competition at GW

Between 10,000 to 12,000 students applied for 150 spots in the University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences this year, leaving pre-med students at GW concerned about the severe competition they face. The GW medical school is maintaining the number of spaces at 150 as in years past, said Dee Hughes, assistant director of medical […]

Charges against EVP dropped

The Student Association Student Court dismissed a suit Tuesday that charged SA Executive Vice President Tony Sayegh with allowing “fraudulent voting” at a recent Senate meeting. The charge, made by graduate Sen. Emily Cummins (CSAS), stemmed from the Feb. 24 meeting, during which Cummins said Sayegh willfully violated SA bylaws by allowing two senators to […]

Mount Vernon students look for key to dorm security

Students have criticized security at Mount Vernon College after administrators waited more than a month to address a missing set of master dormitory keys. MVC students said they felt endangered at the college, which will become a campus of GW in 1999, because the administration did not respond promptly after a resident assistant lost keys […]

Voter Apathy Continues on Referenda Ballot

Few students voted for Student Association referenda questions revived for this week’s runoff after complaints not all voters were offered the questions during the general election. “There was apathy toward the referenda,” said Joint Elections Committee member Skip Oliva. “But there was not apathy in the general elections since nearly 3000 people voted.” The referendum […]

Letters to the editor

Special ingredient? I read in a recent Hatchet that DJ’s Fastbreak was selected as one of the eating places for students. (“Students face fallout from GWorld card glitch,” Feb. 12, p.1) On Feb. 18, I purchased a cheeseburger from DJ’s. I had taken one bite of the sandwich and was just about to take another […]

How the other two-thirds of GW live

Okay. We all know about the winners at GW. This institution is quick to advertise the success stories. We hear about those honor students. We hear how they enjoy doing more challenging work than the rest of us. We hear how they numb their Ivy-envy by sitting around in their row house reading Chaucer and […]