March 9, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 28

Stories from the March 9, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Freshmen petition for dining change

A majority of Thurston Hall residents signed a petition last month requesting changes in meal plan policies at Thurston Dining Hall. Similar petitions have been created this year, but this is the first time organizers were able to gather more than 600 signatures from Thurston residents, according to Thurston Hall Council President Aaron Chacker. The […]

University Club moves to F St.

Adjoining townhouses next to Thurston Hall will replace the third-floor Marvin Center University Club by early 1999, according to University administrators. Renovations scheduled to start this summer will transform the two townhouses next to the freshman residence hall on F Street into a multi-purpose campus facility, said Jody Winter, GW’s director of special projects. Proposals […]

Answering stacks of mail lets me play `Dear Abby’ for a day

I’ve got a problem. The staff of The GW Hatchet gets positively overwhelmed with the massive volume of mail sent to me on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, my administrative staff has been downsized, so this week, instead of a column, I must answer my mail. Anonymous writes: Dear Tryg, I wrote a play entitled “Stay” […]

Letters to the Editor

Vicious vocabulary I don’t have a strong opinion about same-sex marriages. I do, however, have a strong opinion about people who use, as a closing to their arguments, something like “when doing so, one should know what they are talking about and at least attempt to not come across like an ignorant, uneducated bigot” (The […]

The ignored GW arts

Wednesday night I was listening to GW election coverage on WRTV (AM 600) and heard an interview with one of the candidates, I believe it was Alan Elias. He stated his concern about the lack of GW community, unity and school pride. He proposed to solve this problem by increasing the quality of programs groups […]

The GW meal plan’s fleecing of students

I am taking this time while my microwave dinner cooks to express my strong opinion about how this school seems more interested in money than students’ welfare. Case in point: the meal plan. I have, through some quick calculations, found very small savings exist for students using the meal plan. The average meal at J […]

Return to the poll

More than 2,800 students voted in last week’s campus elections. As the race for Student Association president pushes to another week – with Carrie Potter and Patrick Macmanus securing places in a runoff election – the challenge is to return a hefty turnout to the voting booths. Students who imagine their votes don’t matter should […]

Starr quest

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott made news this weekend after publicly stating he thinks Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr should quickly wrap up his investigation into alleged misdeeds by President Clinton and his associates. Lott also said Congress might consider censuring Clinton if Starr uncovered evidence of wrongdoing not serious enough to warrant impeachment proceedings. Lott […]

GW students tackle community service

A little girl looked up at GW sophomore Darshana Lele and handed her a crayoned picture of a house with two people standing in front. “This is my house and this is you and me because I think of you as my older sister,” the girl told Lele. Lele said the girl’s affection is not […]

Colonials take second in A-10

GW men’s basketball Coach Mike Jarvis said Thursday that he hoped his Colonials would remain in the Atlantic 10 Tournament long enough to wear all the clothes they had brought to Philadelphia. After playing its best basketball in weeks, GW returned to Washington Saturday night with suitcases full of dirty clothes and a trophy signifying […]