March 9, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 28

Stories from the March 9, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

The GW meal plan’s fleecing of students

I am taking this time while my microwave dinner cooks to express my strong opinion about how this school seems more interested in money than students’ welfare. Case in point: the meal plan. I have, through some quick calculations, found very small savings exist for students using the meal plan. The average meal at J […]

Return to the poll

More than 2,800 students voted in last week’s campus elections. As the race for Student Association president pushes to another week – with Carrie Potter and Patrick Macmanus securing places in a runoff election – the challenge is to return a hefty turnout to the voting booths. Students who imagine their votes don’t matter should […]

Starr quest

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott made news this weekend after publicly stating he thinks Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr should quickly wrap up his investigation into alleged misdeeds by President Clinton and his associates. Lott also said Congress might consider censuring Clinton if Starr uncovered evidence of wrongdoing not serious enough to warrant impeachment proceedings. Lott […]

GW students tackle community service

A little girl looked up at GW sophomore Darshana Lele and handed her a crayoned picture of a house with two people standing in front. “This is my house and this is you and me because I think of you as my older sister,” the girl told Lele. Lele said the girl’s affection is not […]

Colonials take second in A-10

GW men’s basketball Coach Mike Jarvis said Thursday that he hoped his Colonials would remain in the Atlantic 10 Tournament long enough to wear all the clothes they had brought to Philadelphia. After playing its best basketball in weeks, GW returned to Washington Saturday night with suitcases full of dirty clothes and a trophy signifying […]

Referenda, candidates revived for runoff

Two referenda voted by paper ballot last week will appear in voting booths during this week’s runoff election, according to Joint Elections Committee Chair Terry Goddard. Goddard said speculation that all voters did not receive the questions caused the JEC to throw out last week’s results and place the questions back on the ballot. Threats […]

Role players key to Colonials’ success in A-10 Tournament

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Massachusetts coach “Bruiser” Flint said the reason for GW’s 88-83 win over his Minutemen in the Atlantic 10 Tournament quarterfinals Thursday was not Shawnta Rogers’ career-high 28 points or Mike King’s 18 points and seven rebounds, but the contributions of forward Pat Ngongba and reserves J.J. Brade and Francisco de Miranda. “Those […]

Foggy Bottom cola wars

George Washington University seems to have a student body that very readily questions administration policies. While such action is definitely necessary, it can overstep the bounds of sanity. I’m finished with standing in the unvoiced shadows of GW and I’m ready to razz some of those vocal ones out there. This issue transcends Student Association […]

Colonials earn first back-to-back wins of 1998 season

The GW baseball team doubled its win total for the season after posting victories in two of its best games of the year. The Colonials (4-8) started the weekend with a come-from-behind victory at George Mason University Thursday, followed by a shutout of Cleveland State University at home Saturday. GW’s first winning streak of the […]


Student Association:(2) Graduate at-large senators:Mark Rygiel 40.68%Shar Hashemi 34.92%Phillipe Rosse 0.10% (2) CSAS Graduate senators:Jon Rodeback 38.09%Emily Cummins 38.09% (3) SBPM Graduate senators:Phillipe Rosse 30.90%Andrew Goldsmith 23.64%Andrew Hoffman 14.55%Damian McKenna 7.27%Keith Neilsen 5.45% (1) ESIA Graduate senators:Andrew Hale-Byrne 71.43%Wendy Hyland 14.29%Erin Hatch 14.29% (2) SHMS at-large senators:Abel Tello 49.30%Greg Rosenblatt 47.00%Shar Hashemi 1.38% (1) SPHHS […]